Facebook Imposes New Limits on Groups & Pages

Facebook has a huge role to play in social media marketing, so it is essential that marketers stay on top of changes to the platform. The algorithms are constantly shifting, but significant changes to the platform happen less frequently. However, a dramatic new update has been announced which will impose new limits on Facebook Groups and Pages. The driving force behind these new updates is to limit the reach of pages and/or groups that appear to be violating the platform’s content policies. One of the main changes is the introduction of a new algorithm focused on links which is tasked with deciding if a site has enough authority or not – if not, then the news feed reach for that link is reduced. In theory, it sounds like a great move as it serves to limit the amount of clickbait and fake news that is currently flooding social media, but in reality, it could mean having to make some changes to your social media marketing campaign.

The Click-Gap Signal

Facebook has already been using partners including the Associated Press to judge the validity of shared content, but this new update takes things a step further with a new automated approach which uses inbound and outbound linking patterns to decide whether or not sites being linked to are authority sites or not. This is called the Click-Gap Signal, and it is already in use on the platform. In the simplest of terms, this means that they will compare the number of links to and from the site on Facebook to the links on the internet in general. Where there is a discrepancy, the reach of posts using that link will be limited. That means fewer people will get to see the content.

Automated Content Removal

Facebook will also be using algorithms that will automate the process of removing links to low-quality content in groups. The algorithm will scan content in all groups – even private ones. Content that is deemed to violate Facebook content policies will be immediately removed, often before anyone even has a chance to see it. On a related note, the algorithms are also going to monitor the type of posts approved by group admins. If too many posts are approved that Facebook deems false, misleading or some other violation of the content policies, then the entire group can be closed down. This puts far greater responsibility on the shoulders of admins to police what members of their communities are posting.

What Does This Mean for Social Media Marketing?

In theory, the new changes should not have a huge impact on your social media marketing efforts if you are going about things appropriately. Marketers know that the key to successful content marketing on social media and beyond is having good quality, relevant content to share! If your content and the links you curate are from authoritative sources – as they should be – then you have nothing to fear from the new algorithms. The best advice would be to take additional care when choosing where to share content from. Look for credible sources and avoid clickbait or misinformation.

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