Everything You Need to Know About Adwords Quality Score

If PPC advertising plays a role in your online marketing plan, then it is crucial to have a good understanding of Adwords Quality Score as it has a significant role to play in determining the cost, the effectiveness and also the overall success of any PPC campaign.

Let’s take a closer look at what Adwords Quality Score and how to improve it, giving your online marketing plan a boost.

What is Adwords Quality Score?

In basic terms, Adwords Quality Score is fairly self-explanatory! It essentially does exactly what the name suggests. It is a rating allocated to ads by Google based on many factors, including the quality and the relevance of the ad and the keywords it uses. Google want ads to meet consumers’ needs, and that means they have to offer relevance and value, just like everything else that makes up your online marketing plan. SEO strategies can and should be applied to ads to bring them up to standard.

Why Does Adwords Quality Score Matter?

Now you know what the quality score is, you are most likely wondering why it matters and what kind of impact it has on your online marketing plan in general. The answer is that quality score has a substantial amount of influence on the cost of PPC campaigns and has a huge role to play in determining the cost per click paid by the advertiser. A higher quality score equals higher ad rankings and lower costs.

Determining an Adwords Quality Score

The Adwords Quality Score is a lot like SEO in that there are many contributing factors and none of us are 100% certain which of them has the most influence. However, with some detective work marketers have established the following factors are important:

  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Landing Page
  • Historical Performance
  • Ad Relevancy
  • Keyword Relevancy

Let’s take a brief look at some of these factors and how they might impact your online marketing plan.

Keyword Relevancy

If you haven’t already learned by now, it is definitely time you should – keyword research is the foundation of every aspect of a powerful online marketing plan, and PPC campaigns are no different. That is why keyword relevancy is one of the most important contributing factors to calculating an Adwords Quality Score! Use keywords to establish small, targeted ad groups remembering to include long-tail keywords. This gives you a more successful campaign and will boost the quality score as well.

Landing Pages

There is so much to say about the importance of landing pages to a powerful online marketing plan, but for now, let’s just focus on the basics. Regarding Adwords Quality Score, it is essential the landing page linked to your ads is relevant. Keep in mind these best practices for landing pages:

  • Use Relevant, Original Content
  • Be Transparent & Trustworthy
  • Have Clear Navigation & a Strong UI
  • Make it Mobile Friendly
  • It Must Have a Quick Loading Speed
  • Make Sure No Links are Broken

Historical Performance

Another of the factors we want to focus on is historical account performance. PPC ads are a little bit like a bad credit rating! If you have a history of publishing poor quality ads, then it is going to come back and bite you and your online marketing plan! Similarly, new accounts with no history will be scored lower than established ones. It takes time to build up a good score, just like when you are ranking a new website. Persevere, and you will start to see some reward.
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