Are You Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile?

With over 610 million users and membership continually growing, LinkedIn is the world’s largest business-oriented social media site. However, it is one that is often overlooked when it comes to social media marketing strategies. Are you doing everything you can to utilize your LinkedIn profile fully? Let’s find out.

Did you know? Only 40% of LinkedIn members are logging in more than once a month! If you are one of the 60% who is not giving your profile the attention it deserves, then you could be missing out on a substantial potential audience for your social media marketing efforts.

1 – Brand Your Profile Header

LinkedIn provides a header on your file just like other social media platforms, so make the most of it. Use it as a place to showcase your personal branding or company logo. It is best to choose a similar look across all of your social media platforms to present a professional impression.

2 – Use a Professional Headshot

According to LinkedIn, profiles that include a photograph get over 20 times more profile views and as many as 36 times more messages than profiles without a photograph. However, don’t be tempted to crop a holiday snap or use a selfie. If you want to appear professional, then you should consider investing in some professional headshots by a qualified photographer.

3 – Choose a Client-Centric Headline

As part of any social media marketing strategy, it is essential to make full use of every element that a social media profile offers. That includes your profile headline on LinkedIn! This appears at the top of your profile and under your name when you comment on a post. If you do not update this section of your profile, it will default to your job title, but it is much more beneficial to create a tagline or benefit statement aimed at target clients. Instead of just calling yourself a ‘managing director,’ why not offer a brief statement of what your company does instead.

4 – Use Multimedia Content

Every online marketer knows that a good range of multimedia content is an essential part of your social media marketing strategy. Why should LinkedIn be any different? You have the ability to share video, audio, images, and written content on the platform, so make use of it all! Don’t forget to monitor how different types of content perform on LinkedIn as this will help to shape your

5 – Upload Native Video Content

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is keen to keep people on the platform rather than directing them to off-site links. For this reason, your social media strategy should include uploading native video content direct to your LinkedIn profile. When you do so, the algorithm ill reward you with more views than if you were to simply link to your content on YouTube.

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