A Few Tricks To Promoting Your Podcast

Do you remember when TiVo came out? It was the first time you could pause, rewind, and fast-forward live television. It was groundbreaking and caught on so quickly that major cable providers began offering their own version. Shortly after, they introduced the “on demand” feature. This allowed you to watch your favorite shows and movies on your own time, whenever you pleased.

Now, watching tv on our time is the standard, and it’s hard to imagine not having that as an option. So what do podcasts and “on demand” television have in common? Well, you could think of podcasts like the “on demand” of talk radio. Even better is that anyone can join the platform and begin creating their own podcasts, and in that way, it’s like an auditory only YouTube. Podcasts started in 2009 and while it may feel like they have lost their popularity from 2015 to 2016 podcast listening grew by 23%. Podcasts are a great way to share in-depth content, feature guests, and communicate with your audience. However, if nobody hears your podcast then all that work is for nothing.

So how do you maximize your podcasts potential?

The First Objective To Maximize Your Reach
Your primary goal for your podcast should be to do well on iTunes. Even if you are not an Apple user yourself, the numbers speak for themselves and 70% of podcast plays and downloads come directly from iTunes. So, standing out on their platform is an absolute.

Promotion Strategies
There are a number of different strategies that you can use to promote your podcast. Depending on your content, different strategies will work better for you than others, but we suggest giving them a try until you see what works for you.

1. Audience Leverage
Make your content as shareable as possible. If you are creating great quotes, images, and links to go along with your podcast then you’ve increased the chance for your audience to share what you’re doing with their followers.

2. Maximize Social Media
Of course, you are going to discuss your podcast on social media, but don’t forget all the options that you have available. You can use a variety of mediums to promote your podcast and don’t forget that every social media platform has several unique opportunities for sharing.

3. Give Them Enough to Get Hooked
Have you ever heard a song from an artist that you didn’t know and immediately after you search all of their music and spent the next few hours listening? What would happen if that artist only had one song? If your content is good then there is a good chance your audience will be hungry for more also. So, with that in mind, be prepared to publish around 3 to 5 podcasts when you’re first getting started.

4. Conversion Opportunities
Convert the audio from your podcast to a video. You can share that video across other platforms, but you will definitely want to upload it to YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine and a great way to maximize your SEO.

5. Podcatchers and Aggregators
Simply put these are the apps that allow people to access podcasts. Of course, iTunes is your main focus, but that doesn’t mean you should leave out any of the other players. Make sure you send your podcasts out to every platform available.

Don’t Forget the Basics
Among all of your promoting efforts don’t forget your typical promotion practices. Finding the right influencers is always a powerful way to reach more people. Specifically, with podcasts you have the opportunity to interview or host one another. Depending on your content, this can be a great way to bring value to both of your audiences. Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas of how to promote your podcast. Remember it’s going to take as much work to promote it as it will take to create it initially.

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