9 Data-Backed Tips For Online Marketers On Achieving New Year’s Resolutions


We’re a couple of weeks into 2016 and hopefully you’re off to a great start on those updated new year’s resolutions! Every year, we sit down and make a list of things we hope to achieve to help us strip a few bad habits, create good ones, and improve oneself overall. This is really helpful for those who work with Online Marketing and Social Media– it’s a tough, fast-paced world where self-motivation, organization, and relaxation can go a long way!

However, majority of individuals who aim for change tend to lose motivation as the year progresses. This is why we’ve prepared 9 data-backed tips for you to stick to your new year’s resolutions and stay on track with your goals for yourself and online marketing career!

1. Plan

It’s the same in almost any situation that requires a strategy, planning should always come first. This helps you recognize the results you want, how to achieve them, where to start, and what or who you need to get you there.

Studies show that clearly defining your intention can improve your chances at success and individuals were more likely to follow through when a guide is at hand.

2. Set micro-goals

If you take a look at your end goal, sometimes it might seem a little overwhelming. For example you want to save $365 dollars or lose 60 pounds, that’s a lot to take in! Consider specifying your goal to saving $1 a day or losing 5 pounds a month to convince yourself to keep at it.

3. Get social support

Studies show that participants who enrolled in weight-loss programs with friend or family were more likely to keep off the weight. Thanks to the social support you receive from loved ones who are also going through the same journey, you have a stronger foundation to stay on track and motivated.

4. Don’t multi-task

It is a natural tendency to multi-task given enough distractions. Those who eat, sleep, breathe online marketing like most marketers do are always itching to get a bulk of to-do’s off the list at once, so this is where you should break that habit! It’s best to focus on one goal at a time so that our progress and efficiency are directed to where they should be.

5. Make a bet

For the record, gambling is a bad and expensive habit. However, a friendly wager between a few close buddies on how your New Year’s resolution will turn out can serve as an incentive for you to stay motivated. Lunch is on the next guy late for work!

6. Pre-commit to your goals

Pre-commitment is the ability to avoid temptation by eliminating the option. There are different ways to do this. For example in terms of aiming to be productive and relating it to online marketing, write a blog or do offline work somewhere without internet connection.

7. Use your inner voice

Literally motivating yourself by telling yourself things like “Don’t give up” or “You’re doing great” can be an effective way to push yourself further and keep at it. Giving yourself a pep talk before any big moment also helps eliminate impulses to back out or go a different direction.

8. Monitor your glucose levels

According to a study conducted by Florida State University, self-control can deplete large amounts of glucose – making it harder to practice self-control when glucose levels are low! Stabilize your glucose levels by munching on protein and complex carbohydrates.

9. Reward yourself

If you’ve ever heard of B.F. Skinner, you’re probably familiar with his work on psychology and his research stating that the process of modifying behavior involves the use of both positive and negative reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement help prep us to a desired behavior. If you’re trying to lose weight, allow yourself a weekly cheat day so you have something to look forward to regularly.

Good luck on your New Year’s resolutions!

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