7 Principles Of Mobile Web Design For Business This 2016


This new year will bring about a few changes to the world of online marketing. One of the most evident will be that of mobile marketing. According to Google, majority of online users check social media and do their shopping on-the-go, which is why having a responsive, user-friendly web design is something you want to invest in.

Here are 7 principles of mobile web design to keep in mind:

  1. Make Menus Simple and Concise

Since mobile devices and tablets are generally smaller than desktops, your tabs will have to adjust in size and quantity. Menus on mobile should be narrowed down to have a high-level overview of your categories, making it easier for your visitors to filter out what their looking for much quicker.

Ideally, menus should have only 5-6 items and 2 sub-menus, if needed.

  1. Simplify Forms

Filling up contact forms may be a bit of a chore when doing so on a small screen. On mobile, only ask for the most important information to keep the number of field to a minimum.

Aside from this, make your form convenient by not requiring too much input from your user’s end. Utilize dropdowns, buttons, checkboxes, calendars, and also autofill for returning customers.

  1. ­­Don’t Forget CTAs

Calls-to-action are important for any web design, but on mobile, they are especially essential. Compared to visitors on desktop, those on mobile have more of an idea as to why they are on your site so be sure to guide them through by strategically placing our CTAs.

Ideally, they should be seen without having to scroll down and designed with contrasting colors to make them stand out. Make it clear what the offer is and how they can avail of it.

  1. Provide Filter Options

Like mentioned before, mobile visitors already have an agenda when browsing through your website. This is why it is important to provide filter options to sort out the results they want to see most (example. Price, relevance, top sellers, etc.)

It also helps when you offer a visual to go with your short description and other important information. This way, users can have an easier time finding the product they want without having to scroll through too much text.

  1. Be Easy To Contact

It is important to be quickly contacted because it is an essential factor to your overall customer service. Especially with an ecommerce site, resolving any issues or questions your users may have as quickly as possible is best. A click-to-call button along with contact information should be displayed strategically and not hidden in sub pages.

Having FAQs pages provides the users with answers to questions they may have without having to contact you or wait on your response.

It is also helpful to embed a Google Map of your location, allowing them to search for directions and have little to no trouble finding you.

  1. Rule of Thumb

For sites that aren’t responsive, the most common complaint is that the buttons are too small to click and the text is hard to read. What is best about responsive design is there is no need for zooming in/ out to be able to read content or click on links. Make sure your site’s buttons are large enough to be clicked on and that there is enough space in between links to be able to choose the right one.

The minimum tap area to accommodate a user’s thumb should be 44px by 44px.

  1. Time Is Precious

Time and time again, we stress the fact that consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter – especially mobile users. Many of them are accessing websites on the go so it is important to not leave them waiting around too long, ideally loading pages in 4 seconds or less. To prevent unhappy visitors, your entire site’s size should be kept under 1MB and use visual graphics wisely since these make loading time even slower.

Another way of saving your users some time is by avoiding pop-ups. Oftentimes, the box to close them out is too small that users have to zoom in, getting in the way of high-quality user experience.


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