6 Smart Social Media Lessons for Small Business

We can always learn a thing or two from businesses that have an exceptionally smart social media marketing approach. We know they do it right, but how?

5 Smart Social Media Lessons for Small Business

1. Be Real and Be You
How many businesses are out there who have sent you a personalized message on twitter instead of a generic DM? Surprise your followers by being real, being personal and reaching out to your audience with a more original and personal response that will establish a positive impression of your company.

2. Develop a Culture of Being Social
Small businesses that follow these steps have a particular goal and vision in mind. This vision embraces a strong culture of being social and they involve their entire team. It doesn’t take long to use your smartphone to make a video and upload it. A team that believes they can do it, is able to.

Introduce an original and unique shout out hashtag that is solely for your business and team. Use that hashtag any time you mention a milestone or goal or when a team member does a great job and you want to appreciate them.

3. Don’t Just Tweet about Your Products or Services
There are businesses and companies whose Twitter account is more than just what they sell or do. Yes, they do post about their products and the services they provide but it is not overflowing on their social media accounts. Seeing too many car photos on a car dealer’s page can be overwhelming in a negative way.

Your account should be about more than just your business and what you do. This drives your customers away. For social media marketing, it’s important to let your work speak for itself. Let your account be about what your customers like. Whether it is discussing a new recipe that you have tried and they will like or it’s a new local event that is taking place. Make it about your customers! Make them fall in love with your account.

4. Showcase Your Team
Very few companies do this and those who do it connect well with their audience. You can do this by introducing your new employee or posting your team’s achievements and milestones. This makes your customers “feel”  more connected with your company on a personal level. Who wouldn’t like to do business with a company shows the how important their staff is?

5. Cross Promote with Class
Two habits that people find very irritating are bulk direct messages or a message with a request to follow back. To make your social media marketing connect it is important to use a personalized message that will leave a mark. A personal touch goes a long way. It takes a minute to copy a generic message, unlike a personalized message that takes some time and effort. Share links to your other social media platforms and leave it up to your work. If it is worth it, they will follow you back.

6. Start Blogging…
Many small businesses do not blog. In fact, they don’t blog at all and that includes guest blogging. Whether it is small or big, blogging is an essential part of your businesses social media marketing campaign. Posting about your interest and your customers’ interest can help boost your business. A small business blog helps your readers to know more about what you do and what services you provide. It can also help make you an authority in your specific field.

This is social media marketing done right! And this is not just done for traffic but also for the genuine desire to be helpful to your potential customers. When people know that you want to help them, and they can see it in your work, they’ll be customers for life!
To Your Best Online!

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