5 Social Media Don’ts

Online marketing is heavily focused on social media currently. While there is still a lot of value to older online marketing tactics, such as landing page optimization, banner ads, and Google ad words, we are steadily seeing a decrease in their return on investment. If you’re looking to get people’s attention then social media marketing is where it’s at. As one would expect there is no shortage of online tips detailing how to optimize your online marketing with social media. However, there isn’t always enough attention given to bad tactics. Some actions could be hurting you a lot more than you might think.

Have no fear; we’ve put together a list of 5 social media activities that you should stay away from.

1. Auto DMs and Thank Yous On Twitter

Over the last several years we have seen a steady decline in open rates for subscriber emails. Why? Initially, when email was brand new we were all excited to receive anything in our inbox and we read through most of our emails almost entirely. Over time more and more companies add emails to their online marketing tactics and as consumers; we became overloaded with junk mail and stopped opening them.

Similarly, getting a Direct Message from a friend or contact is looked forward to, but that’s because it is expected to be unique and intentional. With auto DMs we end up with the same promotional, spammy feel that turned us away from subscriber list emails. Instead of setting up an automated direct messenger, select a few key individuals and send them actual messages that you’ve written specifically for them

2. Placing LinkedIn Contacts on Your Email List

This is especially frustrating. LinkedIn is an environment built on professional connection and collaboration. Whether it is part of your businesses or your personal online marketing plan, LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting directly with key individuals. By adding someone to your email list not only have you violated LinkedIn’s terms, but you have also abused that individual’s trust. Not only is this a bad practice, but it will leave people with a bad impression of you and your company. Instead, use LinkedIn the way it was intended for, and connect with them directly. If they want to join your subscriber list, then they can choose to do so on their own.

3. Auto-Comment Bots on Instagram

Instagram is continually proving its value as an online marketing resource. Its focus on visual content ensures that companies can provide value through escapism or information for their followers. While there are a lot of different tactics out there for growing your Instagram followers, you should not include automated comments as one of those tactics. While this might seem to make your online marketing simplified at first, the end result is that people don’t get the engagement from you if you had placed that comment yourself. Also, people will catch on that you’re using automated comments and that’s a surefire way to create a bad brand image. Instead, put in the work required to build content people want and to grow your followers organically.

4. Adding to Facebook Groups without Permission

This one should be pretty straight forward. Facebook groups can be a great online marketing tactic for building a community around a specific interest. However, if you are adding people without their knowledge or permission, then you will end up with a community of people who are not interested or invested and that will negatively impact those who are.

5. Excessive Tagging

You know this has happened to you at least once. You check your notifications and see that you’ve been tagged in a post. When you click on it, you have no idea why you’ve been tagged or what the post is about, and when you check the description you see a long list of tagged individuals. This online marketing tactic is used because it is like to gain some attention since everyone tagged will get a notification. However, what’s overlooked is that it is more likely that you will create more negative impressions than you do conversions. If you are going to tag, make sure it’s about them and not about your product or service.

Take it Away!

While there will always be online marketing tactics that create attention, it’s important to be considerate. Social media marketing is all about building for the long term. This is where you can really connect with your fans and followers, but shifty tactics will not pay out in the long run. Be willing to put in the hard work, learn your audience, and create content they will enjoy.

To Your Best Online!

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