5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Web Video

A huge bulk of consumers are understood to be more inclined to concise and visual marketingIn this day and age, who reads page after page of blabber when you have the choice to watch it all in a 60 second video? If you use this medium of marketing correctly, this will surely help with your online presence and social media optimization.

The only downside is most videos we try to watch online take twice the amount of time to load than it’s actual duration. Every now and then, however, the gods of computer network interconnection give us a break – and in these moments do we realize the beauty of this marketing medium.

Making a video for your website and social media platforms can be fun. Although, before the excitement gets to you, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before making your own web video:


1. Who is your target audience?

Before you go on full vlogger or animator mode, be sure you know who you’re talking to. Determining your target audience before preparing the necessary materials is vital. Knowing who will be watching can help you plan what type of message to give and how you can deliver.

You wouldn’t want to show up in a clown suit with your animal balloons at a business meeting, would you?


2. What do you want to tell them?

Now that you know your audience, you have to plan out the message. It would help to list down the major topics and information you need to cover throughout the entire video duration. Once you have it outlined, it is best to prepare a short script. The script will serve as your detailed guide in planning out how many frames you will have and how many seconds you need per frame.

This can save you time by thinking ahead and not end up with a video full of unnecessary elements.


3. Is it engaging enough for your audience to provide feedback?

So you’ve got the crowd and your show, now is it worth buying the ticket? Depending on the tone of your voice your target audience is drawn to, be sure to keep it interesting enough for them to listen. Be it fun and quirky or informative and direct, your online video should not be flat and lifeless. Mix in a little creativity and possibly a dash of humor to keep the audience comfortable and curious to see how it ends.

Be sure to end your online video with a call to action so you leave them with a task or at least the thought of visiting your page and reaching out to you.


4. Does your outline follow the KISS principle?

Before your thoughts wander, KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple, or the more popular Keep It Short, Stupid.

Attention spans are not what they once were. Some studies say that a human’s attention span has dropped shorter than that of a goldfish. That doesn’t give you much time to convince your audience to stick around, is it?

According to Visible Measures, 44.1% of web video viewers tune out after just one minute. That’s 60 seconds to get your message across. Of course this depends on the audience and situation but then again how can you watch such a lengthy video with your internet buffering all the time?

There are many benefits to keeping your videos short and easy to understand. Top 3 of those reasons are most likely:

–       It won’t take as long to load

–       Your audience would most likely be willing to finish it

–       A short and easy on the head clip is more prone to get shared and commented on by the masses than a 2 hour video about complex topics.


5. What’s your budget and which areas can you save in?

Lastly, how you can produce your video. List down all the elements you will need to finish the video, from icons, music, voice over, editing software, to just about anything else you might need.

Once you have all that in mind, note down which ones you can do our acquire by yourself (such as editing, talent, getting music, etc) and which ones you might need to hire someone to do.

The budget you have may be used for buying music, photos and other things online (but we suggest you find royalty free to save, just be sure to give credit!) and if you will need to hire a little help.

There you have it! Now you’re all set to make a web video and share it across your online platforms. Don’t forget to research on how you can measure your ROI, it pays to check where people see your videos from, how far it’s been passed around and measure your online presence!

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