5 Proven Strategies of Content Marketing

Internet marketing in any form involves a strategic content marketing plan. When you are able to effectively engage with your audience you can build a foundation for a lasting relationship, and then your brand will be well on its way to receiving consistent profit.

With immense amounts of content churned out daily, it is best to keep your brand afloat by offering nothing but the best for your readers. Here are 5 ways to do just that:

1. Key Influencers

Identify influencers in your industry who share similar content and already have a solid following of relevant readers. This is a sure fire way to reach an audience interested in your topic and build trust.

One way to do this is to go on BuzzSumo, enter a phrase, and analyze the types of content that have been shared. With a pro account, you can gather a list of people who have shared popular articles on various social media outlets. Once you have formed an outreach list, send them your blogs or other shareable content, and if they find it relevant enough, they might just share it with their following.

2. Maximize Goodbyes

Any action that occurs within your site usually calls for a confirmation message or a “thank you” page. Whether it’s for new subscribers or unsubscribers, new sales or feedback, be sure to end a conversations with a post-conversion goal in mind.

You can do so by taking them to a survey for market research, send them special content or freebies, or any other method that is relevant for your business.

3. Visuals

Visuals, such as videos, images, infographics, charts, and the like, help readers take in your content faster and retain it easier. Content that makes use of visuals gets over 94% more views and twice as many shares compared to content without any. Visuals increase engagement and readability, so it’s best to keep them on your content marketing checklist!

4. Content Upgrades

By including a sidebar or a pop-up message that allows users to opt-in, you can get more conversions and grow your subscriber list. Offer your readers a freebie, special content, or other perks to entice them to submit their email address.

5. Repurpose Content

This one isn’t too tricky. You simply take your existing content and convert it into another format. An example would be to take your blog post and turn it into a video, infographic, or any other type of post you think would be best suited.

When you have different formats, you have the opportunity to share these across varied networks. Leveraging other channels can increase your reach, engagement, and conversions.

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