5 Ideas For A Pop-Up Email Marketing Strategy That Won’t Annoy Readers


An email marketing strategy is an important factor in your content marketing. This helps create a more direct relationship with your audience wherein you can offer discounts, promotions or exclusive content.

Before you can build on this relationship, you must first “ask” them if they want it, too. How can you be sure that they see your invitation? Pop-ups. How can you be sure they won’t get annoyed? Here are five ideas:

1. Make it fun

Make them fall in love at first sight by making your presentation entertaining and engaging. By enhancing your reader’s experience and offering a light and polite way for them to decline, you won’t risk losing their interest to visit again.

2. Brand it nicely

In line with presenting it in an entertaining way, be sure your pop-up communicates your brands values and stays consistent with the rest of your site.

3. Pop-up at the end

Timing is everything when it comes to email marketing. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask yourself “Do I want to be interrupted at the beginning or middle of the article?” We don’t think so. Place the pop-up at the end of the article when the reader isn’t too focused on the piece.

4. Or when they first arrive

Another time slot you can try to target is when they first arrive on your page. Pop-ups like this should have a more welcoming tone like a greeting or reminder.

5. Once is good enough

Frequency is just as important as timing. Even if you had the funniest, nicest pop-up in all of the internet, you can’t pop-up too much to the same visitor. This would probably be what would annoy or drive them away the most.

Be sure to measure your email marketing strategy by paying close attention to the pop-up strategy that works best for your business.

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