3 Ways Messaging will Renovate Marketing

Messaging is on its way to taking over the marketing world by storm, but probably not in the way you think it will. In a culture possessed and heavily influenced by technology, messaging apps are certain to make a revolution in the marketing industry.

Over the past few years, messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Kik or Facebook messenger have taken over a major place in people’s life. It doesn’t matter where you are, you are always connected. This is now being noticed by brands, causing a change in the way they market their products. Social media is all about getting your message out there but messaging apps are connecting you with your prospects within seconds. A person who is active on Facebook messenger or other social platforms responds to messages faster compared to social media. Let’s dig into it more.

Messaging is #digitalmarketing’s live and responsive medium that connects the audience to their potential brands. In return, this connects them to the old-school pre-digital era of catalogue shopping but in a better more improved way, by building strong relationships.

Social and Messaging apps are a game-changer when it comes to #DigitalMarkering as it allows better communication and vast options to connect with the brand resulting in better sales and strong relationships that are long term. Messaging is all about real life conversations and connecting with your customers. If your customers are not given the ease of speaking freely or feel upset by your brand’s negligence, they might never return. It’s time to move on from the old-school method of marketing and keep up with the trends.

Here’s how messaging can change the way you market your product:

1. Don’t Personalize, Get Personal.
Over a decade, catalogue shopping was always a way to provide ease and comfort to shoppers sitting at home. By browsing through many products that you would likely miss in a department store was always attractive for many. While it provided the ease and comfort of shopping from home, it failed to provide the real world connection and the joy of speaking to an expert and getting ideas from the like-minded.

For years retail stores provided a great shopping experience with massive discounts due to mass production. Shopping revived with the introduction of shopping malls and big department stores. Still, people were unable to find that same joy in shopping they enjoyed by connecting with local merchandisers. Then came the digital era and everything went from being in stores to being at your fingertips.

Online shopping was introduced and people were able to buy products with just one click. Big brands tried to revolutionize the shopping experience with real-time reviews and testimonials to make consumers more comfortable by sharing an idea of what will work for them. This still was not as good as speaking to a well versed and friendly sales person.

Today and in the near future, social and messaging apps will bring together consumers and brands. This improved method of communication will provide the best of both online and offline shopping, making their experience even better. Leading to increased demand and an overall smarter way of shopping will be beneficial for both the buyer and the seller.

2. Let’s Embrace the Human Side of Marketing.
Marketing’s main element was broadcast advertising for decades. In the era of messaging apps, artistic concepts will make ways for better communication. Even though videos, creative infographics, and new marketing techniques can have a great impact on your message, the value of your brand still lies in having a strong communication with your target market.

Companies will have to take the risk of being live to build stronger relationships with their customers in order to reap rewards. Apart from the conversation, brands will be expected to expedite interactions between consumers and anyone else who might have an understanding: From pros to the real world.

3. Marketers will Ask Customers to Contribute.
Messaging apps are a necessity when it comes to communication, sharing, playing, and broadcasting. If brands engulf customers by marketing style messages that are broadcasted, there is a chance they will be blocked. Forget old-fashioned ideas about product engagement: Messaging apps allow marketers to entrench experiences motivated by a conversational meeting. When you mix the real and digital world concurrently and flawlessly, there’s no scarcity of games that you would like to play, content you would like to share, and adventures to go on — plus prospects to discover new ones.

An increasingly-disjointed media landscape resources customers, armed with selections, avert from advertising and mass marketing practices. Smart brands will see marketing as conversational, collective, and organic. Because messaging applications transport everywhere people carry smartphones, there will no longer be any boundaries.

Messaging apps create the most real marketing method — communication with a real, live person — and incorporate it into a media focused app which looks and feels a lot like the future. Which means that in the messaging era we will no longer think of making sales, instead our focus will be building relationships.

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