3 Types of Web Videos for Every Business

Now that we’ve given you 5 questions before making a web video in our blog here, let’s talk about the 3 main types of web videos you should have to boost your online marketing and SEO.

In today’s world wherein visual marketing poses as the stronger contender when it comes to doing business online, having a web video (or three) will surely help boost your website traffic.

Products are explained to consumers for them to understand why they should want and/or need them. Sometimes a picture and a caption just won’t do. So you gather up heaps of information you want to throw at your market and figure out the simplest way to fit it in a 60 second video.

A lot of the time, however. Companies don’t know what type of video they need. So here are 3 main go-to web videos that can help push your business in the right direction.


1. About your business

This video will serve as your front and how you want to introduce your brand to the public. It should be the highlight on your website’s homepage because it is usually the first place your consumers land.

This video should clearly and concisely explain what your company can do, what your products and services have over the competition and why they should choose you.

You are basically advertising your company so be sure to keep it interesting with voiceover and/or music and of course, visual elements.


2. About you

This is the part where consumers can get comfortable and you gain their trust. Even with the online marketing around, people still prefer to do business with people they can put a face to, and not just words on a computer screen. This type of video is better off in the “About Us” section of your website.

This video is where you can introduce your team and have them talk about themselves. Not in a TMI way, but more on basic human interaction topics and why they are passionate about the job. You can even have one member talk about the others’ accomplishments, this way you can show your consumer how much of a unified team you are.


3. About your consumers

Here comes the ever so popular testimonial video. It’s famous for a good reason, though – because it works! Like mentioned in the previous number, people do business with those they know and trust. How can you get a stranger to feel that way about your company? From other people they may know and trust, or at least those they can relate to as consumers.

Your clients should give brief statements about the results you have delivered and how you addressed the situation.

Depending on whether on not you have a “Happy Clients” page on your website, this can fit in nicely on your Homepage, Product/Services, or maybe even on your About Us tab.

To Your Best Online!

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