3 Things A Business Needs Before They Start Using Content Marketing

In optimizing your online presence, you’ll need a strong content marketing strategy. Here are 3 steps you should take before planning out your action plan:

Step 1: Structure your team

This all depends on your budget, the people you have on your team and how big your company is. If you’re a solo entrepreneur then maybe you can get freelancers to help produce content and do the rest yourself. If you’re a big company, you can have multiple people work on the projects.

Generally, you’ll need to divide your team into 3:

1.    Those that create written and visual content that is optimized for SEO.

2.    Those that manage email and social media accounts to maintain online presence.

3.    Those that focus on conversion rate optimization by conducting surveys, gathering feedback, tracking content published, setting up analytics for websites, etc.

Step 2: Hiring the right people

Depending on your projects, you may have other types of positions to fill. Here are a few basic samples of people you’ll need to hire for your content marketing and what their job descriptions are.

a.     Blogger – Must be a creative writer who has a comprehensive understanding of your industry. The blogger is expected to write various types of articles on a wide range of topics that are optimized to grow subscribers.

b.    Long-Form Content Creator – Must be a creative writer who can produce various projects that expands your company’s online presence, subscribers, and traffic regularly. The type of content they will produce are ebooks, infographics, guides, etc.

c.     Social Media Manager – This person is in charge of creating shareable content, growing your followers, engaging with them and retaining them. They should be updated with the latest trends in social media marketing and able to strategize social media campaigns that convert leads into sales.

d.    SEO Specialist – This person is in charge of improving your company’s content search ranking using keywords. They manage organize search engine performance and identify ways to increase traffic, clickthrough rates and conversions.

e.    Designer – Responsible for keeping all marketing assets consistent. This person will help bring creative ideas and collaborate with writers to add a visual touch to content created.

Step 3: Getting the right tools

Once you have your content marketing team together, make it easier for your members to work and keep things organized with technology! Make sure you set up the basic software every content marketing team needs:

a.     CMS – Content Optimization System allows you to create and publish content quickly in a web-friendly format. This will help your team easily set up a blog, add posts, and website pages without the need to hire developers or bug the guys from IT.

b.    Analytics – This helps you measure your content marketing performance on your websites and blogs. This shows you just how many people visited your site, and social plus how long they stayed and where they were clicking!

c.     Project Management Software – With all that content being produced, distributed and engaged on across multiple campaigns, it is critical to have a project management software. This can help you organize content, deadlines, scheduling, and collaborate with the rest of the team members.

d.    Design Software – The most common and basic tool would be The Adobe Creative Suite. This help content marketers with everything they need to lay out since it has different programs for different type of projects.


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