3 Marketing Tips To Target The Millennial Market

The millennial market makes the bulk of a brand’s internet marketing audience. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the millennials are officially the largest living generation. With more millennials signing up for social media accounts, subscribing to blogs, watching videos, and generally responding to internet marketing, targeting this booming demographic of tech-savvy, pop-culture obsessed youngsters has never been more important.

Here are 3 tips to do just that:

1. Social influencers
With the younger generation more inclined to connect through social media, it’s smart to use various social networks to keep them up to date. Not only do they go online to stay in touch with family and friends, to catch up on current events, and they also take interest in the lives of celebrities and public figures.

These social influencers impact the way millennials view things by simply recommending a product or bashing it. Studies show that 93% purchase products based on recommendations from family and friends simply because it makes them trust the brand more. The same effect may be applied to a loyal fan base of both local and international public figures.

2. Native ads
To support the first tip, you should know that more than half of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. Because of this, brands have to figure out more ways to advertise without making it look like they are, well, advertising.

This demographic basically has their smartphones glued to the palms of their hands, but organic reach for ads are declining so pay-per-click marketing is your next best bet. Create ads that have a natural vibe to them so millennials won’t see “advertisement” all over it.

3. Reward
As mentioned, this young age group uses social media to connect. They share interests and learn about other’s preferences – basically see what others are up to and usually consider trying it out themselves. Because of this, almost half of them are more than game to share a service or product in exchange for a reward – given that their experience was good.

If you provide a positive experience with an attractive offer, you will automatically have multiple brand promoters willing to help you grow with a little reward.

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