10 Snapchat Tricks You Should be Using

Are you using Snapchat as a part of your marketing strategy? Could your Snapchat game use some sprucing up? First things first – If you’re not familiar with Snapchat’s marketing benefits, check out this helpful infographic to better understand how Snapchat can play a role in your marketing strategy. If you’re already a Snapchat pro, we’ve got some tricks for you that will impress your followers and take your skills to a whole new level. Already have these tricks up your sleeve? (Oh, snap!) Well, don’t keep your secrets hidden from the rest of us…. Share your Snapchat tricks in the comments below!

1. Draw and type with multiple colors
This one’s super fun and easy – After you capture a snap, you will see a text icon (T symbol) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You can magnify your text by clicking on the “T” again. Now here comes the fun part – You can change the color of each letter or word by highlighting each one…Oh, what a colorful world!

2. Add more than one filter to a snap
Adding multiple filters has never been so easy – Once you have one filter enabled, just tap and hold on the screen and swipe with another finger to add more. Hold again to secure the second filter. Continue this until you have added as many as you would like. You can add a color filter, date, time, temperature and a Geo filter all in one snap. Keep in mind, the filter availability depends on your location. The snap below uses two filters – A color and time filter.

3. Add music
Snaps are fun on their own, but one way to spruce them up a bit is with music. You can create a soundtrack of your day. Timing is crucial here, so follow these steps carefully:
1. Open your music streaming app and select the song you want
2. Pick the selection of the song you want to be on your snap and then press pause
3. Open Snapchat
4.  Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to bring up the control center and then press play in the music section
5. Close the control center and begin recording your snap inside of Snapchat

4. Remove sound from your videos
Sometimes background noise can completely ruin a snap video. If you want to eliminate sound completely from your video, just record your video and then click the microphone icon. This will remove sound entirely. Your soundless video is now ready to be sent.

5. Add Your Own Captions and Drawings to “Discover” Content
You may be browsing Snapchat’s Discover section and come across something awesome! Perhaps it’s a 5-step video for perfect makeup application. Maybe it’s a recipe! Ever find a piece of Discover content and want to share it with one of your friends without explaining which piece of content it is? Sharing is easy – Simply tap on the content, Snapchat will then open it as a draft, and you can then personalize it, and send it to your friend.

6. Open Your Color Palette
Lucky for you if you have an Android device, all color options are readily available in the color palette. If you have an iOS device, you’ll need to do a little bit of work to open your colors. By opening up your color palette, you can add various colors and shades to your snaps. Here’s how:
1. To draw in black: Open your color palette and drag your finger to the bottom.
2. To draw in white: Open your color palette and drag your finger to the top left.
3. To open various shades of color: Choose a color and move your finger across the screen

7. Switch from Selfie to Point-of-View during mid video
Switching between selfie and point-of-view mode can be done in a quick ‘snap’ with Snapchat. Simply double tap the screen to quickly make the switch.

8. Send discounts or call-to-actions
Promote your Snapchat account on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so your audience knows where to find you. Many brands use Snapchat to send discounts to entice new followers or send similar discounts to fans who are already following. A frozen yogurt chain called 16 Handles, offers discount codes to any customer who sends a snap of them or their friends eating a 16 Handles frozen yogurt. The catch is that they have to show the coupon code to the cashier, so they can’t open the snap to find out how much of a discount they received until they are at the store.
For another example, check out this case study from Grubhub. They use Snapchat to engage with their core customer base by hosting drawing competitions and other fun competitions.

9. Write more words with the help from Notes
Snapchat only allows you to input a certain amount of text. If you’re looking to add paragraphs of text or break up the lines of a quote or poem for a pleasant view, only write your text in your Notes app and then copy and paste it directly into your snap. If you want to have separate lines within your snap message, just press the Return key each time while in the Notes app.

10. Create your own geo filter
Using the Snapchat geo filters site, businesses and individuals alike can create their own geo filter to cover a specific location for a specific amount of time.
Whether you are promoting your business or an event, you can use On-Demand Geo filters and incorporate your brand logo and trademarks. Just upload your own design or choose from the premade templates on the geo filters site. Next, pick a time and map out the exact location, and then submit your geo filter which will be reviewed within one business day. As simple as that! Check out these 23 brands who are using geo filters as a part of their marketing efforts.

Is Snapchat for you? Just like any other marketing campaign, your company’s Snapchat must reflect your brand’s personality and appeal to your audience. Blue Dress Inc can help you develop a plan to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing strategy.

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