Who is Responsible for Optimizing Content?

Search Engine Optimization and content marketing are two areas of internet marketing that tend to overlap. It can get a little confusing trying to separate the two. One of the most commonly asked questions regarding this is who should be responsible for optimizing content – the writer or the internet marketing consultant?

On-page optimization is a huge part of SEO, and that means working with on-page content. While SEO and content marketing are two separate entities, they are heavily dependent on one another. It is this co-dependency that muddies the waters when it comes to deciding who is better placed to optimize content for the best performance.

The Role of The Content Writer

In the current internet marketing climate, a content writer needs to have at least some knowledge of SEO. It is not enough to produce creative content; the writer also needs to understand the basics of how search engines work and what it is they are looking for in content. The writer should always make the reader their priority. The content they produce needs to first and foremost meet their needs by being informative and engaging. However, at the same time, they must not neglect search engine requirements. The best content writers can balance both the needs of the reader and the needs of the search engines.

The Role of The Internet Marketing Consultant

Regarding content, the internet marketing consultant’s main responsibility is to ensure that the appropriate keywords are present in the content. However, this can often seem forced if the focus is placed squarely on SEO. That’s why content writers are important; they can usually craft a more natural way to include the required keywords as supplied by the internet marketing consultant.  The two individuals will work together to create a more balanced piece of content that is not overladen with keywords.

The internet marketing consultant is also responsible for ensuring that all content is as accessible as possible. They will produce or tweak, the title and meta description to make sure that search engine spiders will find and analyze the content. The task may be allocated to the writer alongside the main content, but again, it will be tweaked or approved by the consultant before publication.

In an ideal world, content writers will have enough knowledge of SEO to be able to produce appropriate content that is not only engaging to the reader but will also satisfy the SEO requirements. The content will still need to pass through the internet marketing consultant for approval or tweaking, but if the writer is well versed in SEO, then it should cut out the need for extensive rewrites. The two roles do require a little knowledge of each other, but ultimately, they should have their specialties. Some level of overlap is reasonable, and writers should work with internet marketing consultants as part of a well-oiled machine.
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