Encryption Allowing Private Conversations for Messenger

Communication and Social Media Platform Security

Today, there are many concerns around the security of our digital communication. The majority of people possess multiple connected devices, such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Additionally, they have many different social media platforms. These can include Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and that is just to name a few.  Everyone is now looking for these companies to tell them what security looks like for social media, text, and email. People want to know that their communication channels are lock tight when it comes to issues like security breaches, as over 80% of web security issues happen on social media platforms.

Why so many questions?

There are constant issues with people being hacked, or their security is just too little. Only 36% of people have a 4 digit pin to help with the most basic form of security on their phone. This is not an issue that people are just worried about because they have too much time on their hands; they worry because their personal lives could potentially be visible to the world. These issues are very real, and are often seen throughout the media as many peoples’ privacy has been breached.

Why do we care?

There are a few different communication methods that we know have strong security systems, but what are we doing to alleviate all of the other questions around security? People are asking because they want a guarantee that the information being discussed on any of these social media or communication platforms will be kept private.

The conversations

No one wants to put their entire life out on the line without the guarantee that their information is 100% secure. There have been many requests for additional security systems to be put in place as an option when people are discussing sensitive subjects such as health, family, financial issues, or any other sensitive subjects. Sadly, this is very difficult to do in this day and age, but groups are starting to look into ways to make this possible.

Encrypted Messages

There are now systems that are being tested for Messenger that will strictly go between two people. They will only go to those people that the message was intended for. With these systems, there is also the ability to set a time limit for how long messages are visible to one another. The option for a messenger app to be encrypted is definitely a major game changer. If one chooses to have encrypted messages they have to understand that Messenger would only allow these messages to go to the one device it’s intended for. The convenience factor of messages going to all devices would go away.

Security or Convenience

In the end having privacy and security on social media and communication platforms is very reassuring and comforting. Messenger is a communication platform that is making the encrypted message something that could be used in day to day life. In the coming months we will find out potentially how this will be used, and if we prefer the security and privacy in conversation over the convenience.

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