Will Emojis Hurt My Ranking?

The Popularity of Emojis

For many years there has been a constant argument about the effect of emojis on your ranking if they are being used in the description. Emojis now have a saturated internet presence, and they have become part of today’s internet language. It is estimated that 92% of consumers online use emojis. The change in language online affects how a search engine sees these special characters. Currently, there is not a straightforward answer to this question. Google, however, has made some changes, making it so that emojis do not hurt your ranking. With their new saturated internet presence, emojis are now part of the everyday vernacular online, and search engines are trying to change with it.

Not Using Emojis

When special characters are used in descriptions for search engines, the descriptions begin to look incredibly messy. Even though 48.9% of adults use emojis, search engines want the results to come back looking clean and put together. If there is a constantly saturated internet presence of search results that look like they are in another language, it does not look professional on the search engine’s part or on the part of the company who used them.


The Use of Emojis

On the opposing side, there are always reasons why a search engine would want to allow emojis. Google has the choice to use descriptions, or not use descriptions. Because emojis have become a saturated internet presence, Google is not necessarily looking to restrain your use of emojis. If used the description just might not populate. Overall the use of these characters will just lead to no description, but no penalty on your ranking. In all, it seems like a loss, even though search engines are trying to keep up with the popularity of using emojis, especially with their saturated internet presence.

Why There is Concern

The concern amongst search engines is that companies will look to set themselves apart, but in the end, have a disaster. Not only does this look horrible on the company’s part, like Google, but in the long run, they just want to avoid this altogether. Any type of distraction like emojis takes away from the rest of the page. Search engines do not want this, as it takes away from their revenue generated by the ads people pay for.

The Overall Use of Emojis

Overall, there are many experiments that have taken place. There are many possible results such as, it might harm your ranking, or it might not show your description. If you do not use them, you do not have to worry about the problem. It seems that currently, even with the saturated internet presence of emojis, it is probably best to avoid them for description purposes. Otherwise, the possibility of your description not populating is a risk.

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