Websites vs Landing Pages : Understanding the Difference

Today, we live in a digital age where the internet is used for almost everything you can think about. For businesses and brands, marketing is the key to everything, especially digital marketing. You have probalby seen many companies fail and close thier doors. Why does this happen? Why do so many businesses fail and very few of them succeed? The truth is that a lot of it comes down to how well they understand digital marketing – or if they have hired an expert in the field to guide them. One of the first steps is creating an effective website or landing page. This is the core of a successful digital marketing strategy and you will need the help of an experienced website builder in Knoxville to make it happen!

Some business owners don’t understand that a landing page is different from a website and this often leads to confusion. Both of them have value as part of your digital marketing strategy but serve different purposes. Whether you need a landing page, a website, or even both is going to depend on your current online goals! Let’s take a look at some of the key differences so that you and your website builder in Knoxville are on the same page!

What is a Website? 

  • By definition, a website refers to a collection of related interlinked web pages having detailed information about your business.
  • Webpages are a part of a single domain and can be easily accessed using the internet. 
  • A website provides information about the products or services offered by a business, what the business is about, where it is located, their contact details, and other relevant information. 
  • A website may include specialized web pages such as blogs, forums, customer support resources, online ordering, etc.

What is a Landing Page? 

  • landing page is specifically designed for a special offer to promote a product or a service. 
  • It is a single standalone web page to help convert potential leads into customers through the use of call-to-action (CTA). 
  •  A landing page is a crucial part of a digital marketing campaign. 
  • A landing page is just a small part of a website designed by a website builder in Knoxville and it focuses on lead generation/conversion.

Website vs. Landing Page: Features to Help Identify Them


A website has a lot of content because it is made for informative purposes and not specifically for selling a product or a service. On the other hand, a landing page has a limited amount of content – text, images, CTA buttons, or forms. The scope of a landing page is restricted to a specific target audience and achieving a specific goal. 

Number of Pages

A website usually has at least five, but usually, more, pages, while a landing page is more often than not only one single page built by your website builder in Knoxville.


A website has complete information and details about a company and all of its services/products. On the other hand, a landing page has information only about a specific product, service, or offer that the company wants to focus on promoting.


A website offers a complete range of navigation options,allowing visitors to access every page and resource on the whole website. Meanwhile, a landing page offers very limited navigation often only to different anchor points on the page.

If you are going to succeed in the world of internet marketing, it is essential to understand the differences between websites and landing pages. If you need a landing page for a special campaign, a website builder in Knoxville can assist you. Remember, a landing page focuses only on a single topic to keep the visitors focused on that. You may choose to build a landing page to launch your business while working on a more comprehensive website. Your website builder in Knoxville can discuss the best options with you.

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