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Everyone knows that one of the most significant times to launch an ad campaign is during the Super Bowl! Some people get more excited about the ads than the game itself, and brands often go all out! YouTube AdBlitz gives viewers a chance to rewatch favorites while also ranking the ads according to the number of views! Checking out the Super Bowl ads that struck a chord with audiences is a great way to get some ideas for your own video marketing campaigns, so let’s take a look at the top 5 most viewed ads during the 2020 Super Bowl! (All Figures Correct as of Feb 25, 2020)

1 – Amazon

The Champion for AdBlitz 2020 was Amazon, with well over 60 million views! The commercial featured Ellen DeGeneres and posed the question, “What did we do before Alexa?”. It gave a humorous look at the various features Alexa has to offer by showing potential alternatives in years gone by. How could you incorporate this into your own video marketing? What sort of problems is your product or service solving for people? Would they have to use a different, less convenient method without it? Check out Amazon’s winning ad in full here.

2  – Jeep

Amazon wasn’t the only brand to opt for a celebrity star! It’s become something of a tradition to feature big names in Super Bowl commercials. Jeep featured Bill Murray in a tribute to his hit movie Groundhog Day featuring Bill driving around in a vibrant orange Jeep. It proved to be a big hit with over 50 million views. Could you pay homage to a favorite movie in your Video Marketing? Pop culture references are always well received – make sure that it fits your overall brand persona!

3 – Hyundai USA

Third place belongs to another car manufacturer – this time, it was the Hyundai USA commercial with an all-star cast that included Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and David Ortiz. The commercial focused its attention on the innovative Remote Smart Parking Assist feature on the 2020 Hyundai Sonata. What innovative features should you be highlighting in your own video marketing campaigns?

4 – T-Mobile

T-Mobile grabbed the attention of more than 32 million viewers with their commercial starring actor Anthony Anderson. Like Hyundai, the mobile network chose to highlight one of their unique selling points – in this case, being the only network with nationwide 5G coverage. It’s another excellent example of how you can use video marketing to promote the things that make your brand stand out from your competition.

5 – GenesisUSA

Going back to the car theme, Genesis USA grabbed more than 27 million views for their Super Bowl commercial rounding out the top five, most-viewed ads. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend introduced the brand’s first SUV model – the Genesis GV80. The couple pointed out ‘old luxury’ items they felt were over and presented the more modern take on luxury in the form of the new SUV. Could your video marketing help promote a fresh take on an old classic?

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