Using Social Media to Boost Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing is great for raising brand awareness, but only when it is used in a way that makes you stand out. It is so easy to slip into the trap of becoming robotic and boring. Consumers want to feel like they are engaging with someone real. These tips can help with developing a voice for your brand to help boost brand awareness.

1 – Social Media Presence Needs Personality

When using social media marketing for brand awareness one of the most important things to remember is to be unique. Brands have a nasty habit of becoming a little too robotic when it comes to their social media. It shouldn’t look or feel like anyone else’s social platforms. Add some personality, and your brand has more chance of standing out from the crowd. Statistically, some of the best content to including in your social media marketing plan includes selfies and story-driven content. In short – make it personal! Create a unique voice for your brand and engagement is sure to follow.

2 – Start A Conversation

Do you tag others in your social media marketing posts? If not, then it is time to start! When you tag or mention someone in your content, it automatically amplifies your content. When you tag another brand or influencer, they get a notification giving you a new opportunity for engagement. It can also help you to build relationships with others in the industry. Anytime you have the opportunity to give someone a shout out it is worth doing it!

3 – Use Hashtags to Create More Engagement

Social Media content featuring hashtags will statistically get more engagement than posts without them. Harness the awesome power of hashtags in your social media marketing plan and make your posts instantly searchable. You may even want to consider implementing your own branded hashtag to reinforce brand identity and raise brand awareness.

4 – Share Your Opinion

So many brands play it safe on social media out of a fear of upsetting potential customers. However, studies have shown that consumers prefer when a brand has an opinion. While you should not alienate your audience, it is fine to stand by your brand’s principles and beliefs. It is a good idea to steer clear of particularly controversial topics just for the sake of being bold!

5 – Repurpose Content for Maximum Engagement

A big part of social media marketing is raising brand awareness across multiple platforms. That can make it tough to generate a continuous stream of original and engaging content. However, it is a good idea to repurpose content for use across various platforms making it stretch further. Each platform has its own best practices, so it is not advisable to publish the same content across every social network. Get creative and adapt it to suit the platform. For example, if you have written a detailed blog post with plenty of statistics, instead of just sharing a link on Facebook you could produce an infographic to share the content in a new and more engaging way for social media.

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