Three Crucial Mistakes Most Content Creators Make

How many times have we heard that “Content is the King”? Yes, we can all say that. It is actually true, but we end up neglecting some important aspects that make or break our content marketing strategy.

Content created by your company helps generate leads, make sales, and engage your audience. A recent study showed that in 2015, 8 out of 10 buyers relied more on content to initiate their buying decisions than the previous year.

Still, most content marketers struggle to articulate the right strategy. What’s more, most content marketers make at least one of the same three dangerous errors. These mistakes can ruin the chance of your content connecting with your audience, sabotaging your strategy from the start. Oops!

How can one avoid these serious mistakes? Well, let’s study these three crucial errors and see how one can avoid them.

1.    Their Content Doesn’t Connect With a Specific Target Audience.
A lot of people think that writing content for their target audience is child’s play, this can end up causing major issues in their #ContentMarketing. Many content marketers look for quick viral content to get more clicks instead of creating quality content for their readers.

This can be damaging to their brand’s reputation. Your audience faces brainless content, unwanted ads and flashy viral content every day. They do not want to bear more of this pain. You can possibly get a lot of clicks but there are higher chances that your emails might just end up in junk or they will most likely unsubscribe. Instead of going for clicks, give your audience quality content that they will be interested in. You can create catchy titles to attract them but make sure the content is valid and relatable.

In order to build long-term relationships with your audience, it’s vital to create customer-centric content which adds value to them and is beneficial for your business as well. You will see those readers turn into potential customers in no time. Identify your target audience and understand what they are interested in. Use high-quality keyword based content with trending topics to cater to their needs.

2. They Lack a Plan to Constantly Generate Content Ideas.
Coming up with writing topics can be an intimidating task, particularly for entrepreneurs. However, having a functional plan for continual idea generation is imperative for a successful #ContentMarketing strategy for a growing business. It’s also important for reaching current and prospective customers. (No pressure, right?)

Many people may be concerned that some of the topics they think are important might have been discussed before and there is nothing new about it. Well, it’s not like your audience knows it all, there are a lot of topics that can be re-written with added information that your audience might not be aware of. That’s where your creativity is needed.

If you are unable to inspire your readers due to lack of creativity or you are stuck in a pattern of repetitive topics then this may result in an un-engaged audience, and the downfall of your content strategy. Coming up with creative ideas is the part of content strategy that involves researching breaking news, viral trends, pertinent information, technology trends, and some old topics that can be incorporated with new updates.

Work hard on research and a strong content strategy that revolves around fresh ideas and compelling content. These can spark the interest of the audience, and will help you reap rewards. Consistently posting strong, interesting content based on both new and old topics that are combined with the latest information is the key to successful content strategy.

3. Poor Writing Quality Hurts Their Credibility.
The simplest and most common mistake is a poorly written piece. The majority of content creators fail to review the content that goes out to their reader. They feel that small errors or typos won’t be noticed but in actuality, this leaves a bad impression.

Clients always expect to see clear and clean content written professionally from the businesses they wish to hire. Even the least discriminating readers are turned off by typos, poor writing format and spelling errors in a company’s business content. This can be a major reason clients would rethink hiring that business to provide services for them.

It’s always better to review your content before your readers see it. It is crucially important. Your high-quality content will help them know the value you provide them as well as your business.

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