The Only Shatterproof Rule for Creating Great Content

Every day marketers ask themselves, how can we get people to relate to the content?

The key is to understand who the content is addressing. Is it about the readers or the business itself? Most people base their content on how good they are and how their business works, which most readers are not interested in. The content should be helpful enough for the reader to relate to. The content should be able to help them reach their goals and decisions.

Most people write with their business in mind and not their audience in mind, and that is one major reason why no one cares about their content.

One unbreakable rule of content: To make your content pronounced, make it about the reader, not about you.

What do they get? Why do they care? What does it matter to them?

Intelligent buyers make sensible decisions and we all understand that. In order to help them make that decision, it is of key importance that your content keeps them interested. That will only happen when they are able to relate to your content and feel that your content is focused more towards their interests than you or your business. Yet when the roles are turned and people start trying to write their own content, they lose their minds and think that everyone has to pay consideration to them just because they want them to. It seems that as a society we have decided to be perfectly balanced buyers and totally unreasonable sellers.

Most people see their writing as a piece of themselves, as a demonstration of their identity or some sort of personal authentication. They think that getting consideration for their writing will validate and authorize their idea and thus themselves.

Less than 10 percent of the writing is actually about delivering value to the audience. The rest is about the writer, not the audience. People are making this blunder without even recognizing it.

The most important thing to think about when writing content is what exactly is your content all about? Is it about you or your readers? One should be able to create content that saves their readers time and helps them turn ideas into procedures that can help them grow. It is important to know what interests them and what will help them and their businesses. If you are providing service, it is important to be able to help them realize how you can help them, again focusing more on their benefit rather than your own.

There are three elementary questions that, if you can answer them honestly and well, will ensure you don’t break this fundamental rule:

  1. Why are you writing this content?
  2. What readers do you need to reach with it?
  3. Why will they care?

Do you see what that process does? It focuses the entire conversation on the audience, not on the author.

One should first make their writing about the audience, help them reach their goals and that will inspire them to both engross in the writing and then share it with others.

That’s the only writing that anybody cares about reading — because the writing helps them, not you.

The demand isn’t how the world can cater to your passions, but how your desires can cater to the world.

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