The Freelance Economy Examined Through LinkedIn Data

The world of freelance has been getting bigger and bigger in the past few years. Building your own startup company, be it a physical office or a strong online presence, is easy when you have the right marketing strategy and create relationships on the right networking sites.

A bulk of the working class has either given up their nine to five for a home-based gig and/or take up projects part time to earn extra income. With this in mind, we took a look at a recent study conducted by Linkedin wherein they examined the freelance economy on their site.

What are the top industries for freelancing?

Based on the number of members who used the keyword “freelance” within their job title, LinkedIn was able to narrow down the most common industries and sets of skills among this category.

Almost half of the members fall under “Arts & Design”. 46% of the members specialize in various things under this industry, be it fine arts, graphic design, illustrators, makeup artists, musicians, and more.

What makes freelancers unique?

Given the fact that both professional freelancers and non-freelancers have a certain set of skills and characteristics, the next step was to see how different the two really are.

On average, LinkedIn’s data shows that freelancers handle around 2-3 projects at once. Because of the flexible nature of this career path, people have the choice to juggle as many projects they can handle and even balance them with full-time job.

There are overall more males on LinkedIn but according to the data, females were more likely to take up freelance projects than male.

Their data also shows that freelancers on average have more recommendations, group memberships, skills listed, endorsements, and connections.

In conclusion, whether you’re on a full-time job looking in to get some extra cash or you would prefer to manage your own time by accepting work on a per project basis, this data proves that every skill you possess, and the right online networking site, can help you earn income and at the same time help others in need of professional services.

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