The Evolution of Dynamic Ads for Future Streaming

Over the last year, TV and video streaming has seen incredible growth, perhaps due to the number of people who had to stay home during statewide lockdowns. Viewers have been turning to a range of streaming platforms to get their entertainment, including direct-to-consumer apps and free ad-supported streaming services. As an internet marketing company, this raises questions for us about how to leverage this change in viewing habits to the advantage of our customers. Google also had similar thoughts and has developed a more flexible approach to placing ads into streaming solutions.

Introducing Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

The Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) feature of the Google Ad Manager is built to offer an end-to-end solution to TV partners to deliver broadcast-quality personalized ad content for their ad-supported video content. The technology is looking ahead to the next generation of streaming technology and creating a much broader streaming ecosystem that offers both broadcasters and advertisers flexibility. Suppose you have considered advertising on ad-supported streaming platforms. In that case, it is wise to consult an internet marketing company for advice about how best to present your message to meet broadcast standards.

How Does DAI Pod Serving Work?

The DAI feature is an integral part of ad-supported video streaming. In the past, partners sent content through the Ad Manager’s DAI and allowed it to decide on placing ads into an ad pod or commercial break. However, the introduction of DAI Pod Serving content no longer needs to be sent through Ad Manager. TV partners control the entire streaming workflow, and Ad Manager supplies ad pods ready to stitch into their content as they see fit.

Integrations for the Future of Video Streaming

As an internet marketing company, we are always looking for the next big thing since the online world rapidly changes. DAI Pod Serving is no different. It already integrates with first-party video streaming and third-party video platforms, but it is not yet finished its evolution. Google understands that the video and streaming industry is constantly evolving, just like the rest of the internet, and they continue to build additional functionality to meet those evolving needs. 

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