The 3-Step Formula For Customer Retention

This formula was thought up by business coach and consultant Dan S. Kennedy together with customer retention expert Shaun Buck. They aim to teach you how to keep, cultivate, multiply your customers and have reliable income through retention and referrals. This formula can be utilized when strategically planning your internet marketing strategy and making sure you gain customers along the way.

The Formula
Shared Interest + Shared Space + Shared Concern = Customer Retention

The Explanation
If you think about it, this doesn’t only apply to internet marketing. In fact, we use this formula when making friends, dating, and all sorts of social interactions.

Shared Interests
This is the first thing you will need to establish a connection. The goal is to establish a relationship with your market, to get on a more personal, comfortable level. Don’t just communicate about your products, services and business in general, share life stories, ideas, mission, and have them find shared interests in you.

Sharing Space
Be present in the lives of your customers. Offer them things to keep in their personal space that can make them remember you. A few ideas on how to do this are:

  • Monthly printed newsletter
  • Educational audio CD or book
  • Logoed collaterals like a tote bag or mug
  • Birthday, holiday, or thank you cards
  • Special reports

Shared Concern
The final piece of the formula completes the formula. Relationships won’t thrive if they’re one-sided so you have to genuinely want to help every customer and prospect you have. Work hand in hand to come up with desired results that are not only advantageous for you, but a winning situation for them as well. Retain a customer by putting their needs at par with yours and make sure to prioritize them.


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