Snapchat Memories: Striking New Feature

Snapchat recently rolled out a new feature to the app called Memories. It seemed like a simple enough addition — a gallery of your Images and Stories backed up to your Snapchat account — but people fear change, specifically when it’s something they’re already so familiar with. That can be a bit… alarming. The initial blog didn’t answer many questions that people had, something you wouldn’t be able to truly grasp till you actually played around with it.

With the upgraded version now rolling out to most operators, we wanted to bring you a rundown of Memories, exploring all the steps on how it works, what it is, what it isn’t, and even some of the collections available for it. Let’s dig in.

What are Memories?

Really, the core performance of Snapchat isn’t changing much. Images are still timed and it’s possible to continue using Snapchat without ever once trying out Memories and the whole shebang will be as it always was. That being said, Memories is a convenient new feature more or less focused toward those who hate having to repeat themselves to back up the splendid Images and stories for later viewing or sharing.

While Snapchat doesn’t force you to use Memories, there are additional benefits for choosing to save your Images to Memories. For example, being able to re-upload old Images or generate new Stories by mixing new and old Images or even media you already have saved on your device. You can also accumulate and send entire Stories straight to your friends, something you couldn’t do before.

Isn’t uploading old media going against what Snapchat stands for?

Yes and no. Taking photos in the moment is what Shapchat has always been about. By compelling operators to share moments as they are happening, Snapchat felt more personal and real than other social media networks littered with memes and re-hosted content.

To help restrain operators from only uploading old content from Memories, Snapchat doesn’t correct operators for uploading old photos, but they do make it noticeable that it’s not a true Snap by exhibiting them with a unique border along with the qualified date/time. This relates to photos/videos taken with your usual camera app. It’s like Snapchat’s style of the scarlet letter.

Saving Images and Stories to Memories

The process of adding Images or Stories to Memories will act similarly as copying to your device used to. Just take a Snap and before publishing to your Story or sending straight to someone, hit the copy button. You can also slide up on the button and choose between either Save to My Eyes Only or Save to Camera Roll & Memories.

Alternatively, you can save entire Stories to Memories by choosing the 3-dot menu (or long pressing your Story) and clicking on the large download button. This will save all the Images you’ve published to your Story from throughout the day up until then.

Using Memories to re-publish your old Images and Stories

Images and Stories you’ve saved to Memories can be re-published to your Story or sent individually to friends whenever you like. For Images, just long press on the Snap to pull up the My Snap display. From there, you can edit the Snap with the regular filters, emoticons, and text selections, then send it to your Story or your friends.

Whether you assemble a new Story, or you just wanted to re-publish an old one, long press on the Story in Memories and click Send Story in the upper right corner to send straight to a friend, or publish to publicly to your Story.

New Stories from old Images using Memories

With Memories, you can also produce entirely new Stories from old Images and Stories. To get started, just click on the check tab in the upper right corner of the Memories display and choose the individual Images or Stories (with all the Images therein) you’d like to compile into an all new Story.

You can also send a Snap from an already existing story. All you have to do is to long press on the Story and scroll sideways to discover the required Snap. From there, you can click the pencil icon to edit the Snap with the usual selections and once the whole thing is looking good, press the blue arrow tab to re-publish it to your Story, or send straight to a friend.

Publishing photos/video from Camera Roll to your Story

To publish an old photo or video from your Camera Roll to your Story, just keep holding the button and you’ll find the option to retouch it with the usual Snap chat filters, emoji, and text, or just send it off as is. You can also choose multiple images/video, but they’ll be added to your Story there and then (no correcting).

Whether you’re an expert Snapchatter, occasional user, or still waiting to take the dive into Snapchat, hopefully, this publish helped bring you some clarity regarding Memories and its functionality. Even though it brings some pretty major modifications to Snapchat, eventually we feel like it’s for the best.

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