Six Steps To Improve SEO


In today’s world of online marketing, a high SEO ranking and optimized online presence are the most important factors to your online marketing campaign’s success.

Based on updated online marketing tactics, here are 6 simple steps to help improve your SEO ranking.

1. Fresh Content

Regularly publish up to date and interesting content. Dedicating time to content creation and promotion of topics that are trending is vital to your keyword matches.

This can take quite a bit time as it involves research, sometimes testing, and creative writing. Hiring copywriters to generate regular content for your website and social media platforms can give you time to focus on other aspects of your brand development and online marketing campaign.

2. Internal Linking

Give search engines an easier time catching your website by reviewing the content featured in your web pages. Determine the internal linking opportunities you have and take advantage.

Link between pages of your website to not only provide better user experience but to optimize your SEO. To make sure your audience has an easy time navigating your site, direct them to where you want them to go by providing links to important pages that drive sales, increase revenue and garner feedback.

3. Social Presence

Social media plays a major role in optimizing your online presence. By posting regularly, your audience knows you are active, present, and engaged.

Focus on creative content that gets your users to talk about and to you. By updating your audience with promos or basic information on your products/services, you are educating them in a way that is interactive. Social media platforms give them the opportunity to like, share, comment on your post or send you a private message.

Also, by adding a link to specific and relevant pages to your website, your social media posts can help you garner more traffic and improve SEO.

4. Optimized Pages

Don’t forget your keywords! When a user types in certain words on their search engine platforms, this narrows down their search to websites and social media pages with matching keywords.

Optimize each page of your website but make sure your keywords are relevant, otherwise, you might be talking to the wrong market. Make sure to feature the keywords in your meta title, meta description and in header tags.

5. Optimize Images

Make sure your website isn’t too heavy in that it takes too long to load. Overall user experience is vital to gather satisfied and loyal customers. Your SEO ranking will be greatly affected with an increase of your bounce rate, if your audience decides not to wait for your website to finish loading.

To help avoid this, optimize your images and compress their size for websites.

6. Your Audience

Remember that user experience is just as important as driving them to your brand. Be sure to create content and design elements that are user-friendly, engaging, entertaining and informative.

No matter how optimized your SEO rank is, at the end of the day, your audience is who you should focus on pleasing to really be successful.

There you have it! Now, get optimized!


To Your Best Online!

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