Newsjacking: The What and The Why

So, we all know that content is crucial to achieving internet optimizationThe right content, presented in the right medium, on the right platform are all crucial elements to your online marketing efforts. New social media platforms are continually creating new opportunities and methods to reach your ideal internet optimization, but sometimes there are older techniques that still provide a lot of marketing value. One content technique that is as old as gossip is newsjacking.

What is Newsjacking 

You remember in middle school when you overheard some juicy gossip in the bathroom or the hallway and you went and told everyone you know. Soon enough, someone else’s story becomes your news, because so-and-so heard it from you. That same principle still applies today. When it comes to online marketing, you don’t always need to be the person originating the story, but as long as you catch wind of it soon enough and are able to spread the word effectively you can gain valuable attention.

Content Options for Newsjacking 

Of course, internet optimization can be achieved through a variety of content mediums. If newsjacking is the route you’re currently heading on, you still have a few marketing options for the type of content you produce that depend on a few key questions. The big question to answer is whether or not you write the news up as original content and publish in a format that is good for your audience or do you simply share the original story. In order to decide which marketing approach to take, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this content connect with my audience? – Sharing a piece of content that you find interesting but does not connect with your target demographic is a waste of time, and could actually hurt your internet optimization efforts instead of helping.
  • Do I have an invested interest in this news? – If you have experience in this are, or a valid opinion, then creating your own piece of content will add valuable additional insights. If not, then you are better off sharing the original content.
  • Is creating my own content a realistic option? – While your marketing efforts never seem to end, it is important to stop and ask yourself whether or not you have enough time to create an original piece and if that added time will boost your marketing enough to validate the effort.

Why You Should Consider Newsjacking 

By now the newsjacking process should be pretty clear. You come across a breaking piece of news, and if it’s relevant to your audience you decide whether to create an original piece or simply share it. But why? Well, there are both short-term and long-term impacts that newsjacking can have on your internet optimization and your overall marketing success.

Newsjacking for the Short-Term 

People go to social media for typically two types of content: escapism and information. The right piece of news can encompass both of those elements.  If you find the right piece of news and are well equipped at marketing it, here are a few short-term benefits you can expect:

  • Immediate Traffic – depeding on the story, this could be big traffic
  • A Flurry of Social Media Activity
  • Grows Your Authority, Thought Leadership

If the news is relevant, and the content is well written, the people that see your post will be likely to share. Because they wanna be first in their circle too, of course! In turn, this spreads the news about you as much as it does the content that you’ve shared. Additionally, this will make you appear as more of an authority on the subject and potentially increase your followers as well as increasing your internet optimization.

Newsjacking for the Long-Term 

While the immediate flurry of social media attention is great, and your marketing team is sure to be excited with the result, newsjacking also provides several long-term benefits from a sales perspective too.

  • Subscriber Growth for additional marketing.
  • Website Visitors for furture marketing.
  • Increased traffic, high-ranked content and a boost in internet optimization.
  • Backlinks and Domain Authority

When people see a hot, trending piece of content coming from your site they will enjoy being first to share, and they will want that experience again. This makes them more likely to follow you, or even go to your website and subscribe for news letters. That kind of activity is great for internet optimization, but it also gives a nice boost to your existing marketing list. All of these benefits translate to an increased ability to sell.

Get Creative 

An important final thought here is to keep your content original even when you are newsjacking. Make sure there is some added benefit that your audience will receive from you marketing a piece of news. If it comes across as fluff, you might get an initial boost, but it could leave a negative impression and end up hurting your long term results. Newsjacking is a great way to get content ideas, boost your internet optimization and increase your overall marketing reach, but be sure the news piece is right for you.

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