Marketing to Goldfish: How Decreasing Attention Spans Affect Marketers

The average person gets easily distracted these days, especially since we live in a technology world wherein we can be updated in real-time through social media and get the latest hot topics through Online Marketing.

Studies show that our attention spans have shrunk to an average of 8.25 seconds because of our technological advancement slash challenge to hold concentration shorter than a goldfish. This makes a marketer’s job twice as challenging!

Here are a few facts gathered by the guys behind Wyzowl:

  • The average attention span in the year 2000 was 12 seconds. I just 15 years, it has decreased to 8.25 seconds.
  • That’s shorter than that of a goldfish’s attention span, which is at 9 seconds!

This can make humans be a lot more forgetful!

  • 25% of teens forget important details of close friends and relatives.
  • 7% of people forget their birthday sometimes.
  • 39% of Americans have forgotten one fundamental piece of information or lost one everyday item in the past week.

And distracted!

  • On average, a member of the working class checks their email 30 times every hour.
  • The average user picks up their phone more than 1,500 times a week – that’s about 3 hours, 16 minutes a day staring at a screen!
  • On average, web page users will read at most 28% on an average visit, but 20% is more likely.
  • Why do they read so little? Because the average page visit lasts only 10-20 seconds before the users decide to leave!

So what can we do about it? According to Nielsen’s research, pages with a clear value proposition can longer hold on to a viewer’s attention. Here are five tips:

  1. Make your message clear.
  2. Focus on the overall user experience, making navigation as smooth and easy as possible.
  3. Keep your message short and sweet.
  4. Tell stories!
  5. Use rich media such as video – make sure the first few seconds are especially attention-grabbing!

If your video is fascinating enough, your viewers may stick around longer. Having a visual interpretation of your message translates faster and easier, making it lighter on your users. The average length watched of a single internet video is 2.7 minutes, and considering our updated attention span, that’s great! Studies also show that 59% of senior executives rather watch a video than reading text when given a choice.

To Your Best Online!

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