LinkedIn Introduces Content Search

LinkedIn is not your typical social media site. It has a different user base, a different agenda, and a different look and feel. All of this works together to make LinkedIn the leader in the space of professional connectivity.  Meeting key individuals in other companies previously had to wait until the yearly industry conference, and even then getting face time with them was difficult. Now, thanks to LinkedIn, you can connect with industry leaders from around the globe with the click of a button.

As this social media platform has grown to over 450 million users around the world, they have become more than just a place for connection. The site has also become a resource for keeping up-to-date with the shifting dynamics of your industry. In order to help their users gain the most from the vast amounts of valuable information that is posted and shared, LinkedIn has introduced Content Search.

What is Content Search?
Previously, your search tab was your gateway to finding key individuals, companies, and professional groups. For the most part that was all that the search bar needed to do, but as the number of active users grew, so did the vast amount of relevant knowledge being shared. The only problem was that you were limited to the information that was shared by those you were already connected with, and even then finding previous posts was difficult.  With the new Content Search feature, you will be able to search for trending topics, articles, and general areas of interest to you or your industry, regardless of whether that came from someone in your network or not.

The Three Roles of Content Search
There are initially three different ways that you can use the new Content Search feature, and they each provide their own opportunities.

1. Searching Within Your Newsfeed
Have you ever seen a relevant article posted on your newsfeed, but you didn’t have the time to read it right away? Then once you have the time you can’t seem to find it on your feed anymore? Thankfully those days are gone. Thanks to Content Search, by using a few keywords you are able to search your feed to find those previously missed articles.

2. Explore Items of Interest
Just as you would search for people, industries, or companies before, with Content Search you can search the entity of LinkedIn to find the latest information on what interests you most. Whether it’s for your profession or purely out of curiosity, using Content Search can put you right in the middle of the conversation. This is a great way to stay updated with industry trends, and to find key people with similar interests who could become your next high-value connection.

3. Hello #Hashtags
Ok, so yes hashtags are not new, but their functionality on LinkedIn is. Hashtags on posts are now clickable and will bring you to lists of other posts with the same hashtag. However, you don’t have to wait to find a hashtag on a post, you can also search for hashtags directly.

Continued Privacy
Of course these features will not be added at the expense of user privacy. When crafting your own posts, you can choose whether or not you want your hashtag visible publicly or just for your connections. In other words, no level of search criteria is going to reveal what you have intended to keep private. So let the team hashtaging commence!

Final Thoughts
Content Search is sure to increase the overall effectiveness of LinkedIn for business professionals. Finding both trending information as well as key individuals connected to that knowledge base is now easier than ever before. For now, LinkedIn is only rolling out this new feature for English speaking members. However, an enhancement in search and visibility like this, is sure to catch on. LinkedIn is always trying to bring the most value to it’s user base and the addition of Content Search will only add to the overall value of their platform.

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