Let’s Talk About Being Authentic Online!

What does it mean to create authentic online marketing? So often I see people, brands, and companies with “lost identities” online.

They just blend in with the masses. Trying like crazy to keep up with the flurry of online things that need to be “checked off the list”. This overload causes people to move too fast and not think about what they are actually broadcasting to the world. What are you saying to the world with your online messages?

Remember everything you send out online has an impact on your overall brand purity and message. The internet of things has no expiration date; Thus, a bunch of disconnected, hollow blogs or post can leave your brand looking unappealing.

My Mother always taught me, if you are going to do something, do it right. The first part of being “right” online is to determine the truths about you, your service or product. When you identify these core truths, then you can craft a strategy that orbits around something worth sharing.

For example, if you are a cookie shop, you would not share how to make spaghetti! You might, however, share a fresh new recipe that you’ve added to your line up. You also may share some unique ‘cookie facts.’
Like did you know?Girl Scouts initially made the cookies they sold in their own kitchens and the recipe for those cookies is posted on the official Girl Scout website – Cookie History!

Provide value. Provide it within your area of expertise. We have a motto in my company if it is not relevant, not useful, not funny, not authentic to what we provide then – Delete and Fast forward to something that is.

This tip of being true to who/what you are is only one tip for an authentic Online. Visit our website and get more brilliant tips to increase your online effectiveness.

To Your Best Online!

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