Internet Marketing Success: The Million Dollar Homepage

Everyone wants to know the secret to formulate a great Online Marketing plan. Sometimes, all it takes is listening to someone else’s success story and learn from their Marketing Strategy.

In 2005, a young man by the name of Alex Tew was about to start his studies at the University of Nottingham. One day, he sat down with a pen in his hand and a blank sheet of paper in front of him, thinking how he was going to pay for the university fees and living costs.

“How Can I Become A Millionaire In Two Weeks?”, he wrote.

It was an ambitious goal to say the least, but he had the creativity and entrepreneurial mindset to figure out how to make it happen. He thought that if he aimed high enough and came up short, he would still have enough to pay for his necessities with some change for a fun weekend.

The big idea was to create a page online that consisted of a million pixels. The pixels were arranged in a 1000×1000 grid and to be sold at 10×10 blocks to various companies. The companies could use these blocks as marketing space. Each block would cost about $1, and the minimum spend was about $100, otherwise the space would have been too small for their advertisements to be seen.

Per purchase, you get your image displayed on the blocks, a URL to which the images were linked, and a one-liner that can either be your tagline, call to action, or a short description of your product whenever a viewer hovers over your advertisement.

The goal was to sell every last pixel on that image to come up with a million dollars of income.

At first, the page was advertised through word of mouth but eventually BBC caught on, published a press release, and by the end of the month, the site made $250,000.

Alex realized that his creation was rapidly becoming viral. The more people that heard of his page and searched for it, the more companies wanted to advertise with him since it was driving so much traffic.

“I knew it was quirky enough to get attention but to what extent was it going to work was difficult to say. And the fact that it did work to the full extent, in such a short time was really a validation of the power of the internet.”


By January 2006, he was down to 1,000 pixels. In less than two weeks, the winning bid for the ad space was at $38,100 which brought Alex to a final tally of $1,037,100 in gross income.

He explained that back when it all started, ideas spread fast with the help of news media but now that the power lays more on the individual and social media, it spreads even faster.

“Ideas people will spread really fast but it depends on how useful it is, some ideas become useful, some are short-lived. The barriers to launching things are even lower now. If you can’t do it, you can find people that can help you. There is almost no excuse if you have an idea not to try anything.”


Before his million dollar idea, Alex had no experience running a business, he simply had an idea that he was willing to work at. It also helped that he knew what his market needed – a platform to advertise and be seen. With the help of the internet’s power, he was able to transform his Unique Selling Proposition of innovation to a successful venture.

“I’d like to define failure as feedback. You find out what works and what doesn’t, that’s what you’re doing. You failed but you’re not a failure. You just got to keep going, keep trying and don’t give up. If you enjoy what you do and you believe in your ideas, just keep going. Some work and some people don’t, but you only learn by trying.”

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The Million Dollar Internet Marketing Success

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