Blue Dress® Internet Marketing strongly believes in the powerful bearing of a good content marketing. Brands exhaust a great deal of time and energy crafting fun, informative content and optimizing them to foster a flawless, saturated internet presence. We cross our fingers and wait for a surge of traffic to our website as we hit the publish button. But to some brands, that is not always the case.

Have you ever wondered why some of your content does not thrive in the long term? A handful of blogs generates significant traffic at first, but, eventually, the popularity wears off. So how do you create content that will surely thrive online for the long haul?

In this blog, we present some things to keep in mind in order to prolong your content’s shelf life.

1.      Choose topics with a timeless appeal.

Before you dive in and start writing madly, take your time to think about things that do not just appeal to the audience fleetingly. Simply put, choose topics that stand the test of time – those that will be deemed useful and interesting maybe 5 years or 10 years from now. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon and craft content based on a popular new fad.  To see what types of content that thrive, you can check your website’s analytics and see which of the previous postings generate significant traffic till now.

You can also resort to tools such as Google Trends in order to see if your topics are on-trend and talked about. Plan thoroughly and brainstorm a variety of ideas related to your business and check if these keywords and phrases appeal to a large market today.

2.      Spice it up. Optimize!

Okay, so now you have chosen a good topic and have crafted a quality content which you think will remain popular in the long term. What to do now? Are you ready to publish it? No, not yet. By rule of thumb, a content that has fun and stimulating elements garner popularity the most.  When you are writing your blogs or any piece of content, you can toss in some interesting videos and graphics. Enriching your content with additional spices will increase its “shareability”.

3.      Perfect timing

It is not just imperative to know what to post. You must also know WHEN to post. Numerous sources claim that there are specific best days and times to publish content. This suggestion is not “one size fits all”. It holds true on some instances, but it is also essential to test and see what works best for your brand.  You can study and find out when is the peak time that your fans are online. For emails, you can check your email analytics and see the days with the highest open and click-through rates. Don’t stop testing and experimenting!

4.      Reproduce your content into various forms

The excursion does not just end the moment you publish your content. To make your content thrive longer online, repurpose and reproduce it into various forms through various platforms. You can extract certain key points from your content and make it into slides, podcasts or videos. You let your creative juices flow as the possibilities are endless!


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