How to Help Your Images Rank Higher

One of the most critical objectives for websites is generating site traffic. One way to generate traffic to a business or personal website is to determine ways in which to increase the site’s internet presence. When speaking to any Google Online Leader, they will reiterate the importance of having a site that is SEO optimized. A Google Online Leader willing to share information will state that, although content optimization is essential, so is image optimization. Understanding how to optimize all of the visual content on a website can make the difference between high or low search rankings. This article will offer some of the best tips for image optimization.

Relevant Image Names

Many people might not realize the importance of an image file name unless they get advice from a Google Online Leader. The name of images uploaded to a website plays a vital role in search rankings. This is because opting to name images with keywords related to a website can attract more traffic to a site.

For example, uploading an image of coffee mugs with a filename of DSC_2017 is going to rank far lower than coffee_mugs.png. Coffee mugs are much more relevant when naming the file. If the idea is to be even more specific, it is possible to describe or include in the filename what is on the coffee mugs such as floral_coffee_mugs.png or quote_coffee_mug.png.

Image Size Matters!

Another fact a Google Online Leader will tell is that the size of your image matters. Furthermore, the type of image you upload is also important. Why is size significant you ask? Simply put overall site speed. Websites that contain an overabundance of heavy, slow-loading images tend to have more visitors that will exit out of the website before it can fully load. People that use mobile devices are more likely to leave a website that is image heavy than desktop users.

It is possible to have images that are both substantial in size but also have a smaller loading time. The three most common image types used on websites are PNG, JPEG, and GIF. PNG files are far superior for detailed images as they offer a quality image at a good compression ratio. The JPEG compression rate is ten times more than both PNG and GIF file types; however, the image quality is considerably lower. Concerning GIF images, they are best reserved for logos, images that are simple in design, small, or are animated.


Alt and Title Text

Valuable advice from a Google Online Leader references the alt attributes, Alt and Title text of an image. There are times when an image on a website simply does not load. All that the viewer might see is the text associated with the image. For this reason, it is important to be mindful of the image file name and the image descriptions.

When choosing filenames, select names that are relevant to the image, such as our previous example of coffee mugs. Machines, as well as people, will comprehend what the words “coffee mugs” means.

The Alt Text is a bit more specific. It describes the image. It would tell where the coffee mugs are sitting, if someone is holding them, what is around them, etc. Be specific but not excessively wordy. Stick to Alt text that is between 80 to 150 characters.

Image Selection

When discussing images with a Google Online Leader, they will remind you that although stock photography is not a bad thing, it is not the best idea. If it is possible to take personal photographs of your company, that is a better option than stock photography potentially used by hundreds if not thousands of other websites. This personalized image choice, in the long run, will help with search rankings.

Optimize Everything

One last thing to remember is to optimize more than just the images on a website. If all of your images are optimized, but the content is lacking in SEO optimization, that could prove detrimental to your site. The copy directly connected to the pictures also need to be relevant and optimized to help with search rankings. When considering all aspects of images, it is possible to get higher image search rankings if you pay close attention to optimization.

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