How to Create a Content Piece That Is Anything But Boring!

Blue Dress® Internet Marketing exhausts every ounce of resources to make sure that we are not just giving informative materials to our audience, but also content that is fun and engaging!

We totally get it. It’s pretty spiteful to expend so much time and energy on one content piece and then find out that your readers barely reach halfway through it. A powerful online marketing plan covers a smart content marketing strategy that does not just over-feed the target audience with senseless, hum-drum content. As soon as the writer hits the publish button, the work does not end there. It is imperative that content is crafted with key elements that potentially entertain readers.

Because you matter to us, your friendly internet strategy consultant has prepared some tips to ensure that you are providing a worthwhile reading experience to your audience.

1. Content that helps

Make someone else’s day through your content. Anything that is helpful and educational is less boring on a certain degree. When writing content, write it as if in response to a certain question such as “how do you increase the value of your home?”, or maybe something like, “how to tile your kitchen floor?”

At first glance, topics like these tend to become a hybrid between less-appealing and boring. If truth be told, there are indeed people out there who are asking themselves these real-life questions, as mundane as they are. If you think you are writing about a not-so-sexy topic, then better make it as informative and helpful as possible.

2. Don’t use jargon. Be precise and simple.

At all times, try to write something that is easily digestible for your audience. The takeaway is: write something that you yourself would read. If you can’t help but yawn as you read your content, then better start all over again. Simply put, don’t use jargon. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify!

As much as possible, translate your piece into words that just naturally flow through the minds of your readers. Also, don’t try to solve many problems in one paragraph. Take the time to pick up something specific about a general problem and start from there. Instead of opting for a generic topic for your content, break them down into points by using specific scenarios and angles. Your content would be anything but boring if it targets a certain population facing a certain dilemma.

If possible, you can also communicate difficult and boring concepts through stimulating infographics, fun, relevant caricatures, and other engaging elements that would truly capture your audience’s attention.

3. Inject friendly humor

Breathe life into your content by injecting a friendly tone to it. As long as it is relevant to your content, why not throw a humorous line or two into your piece? Lighten up the mood through a friendly sense of humor and you’ll be surprised that your audience is still with you up to the last word!


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