How the Trending Feature is Changing for Facebook

Why is the Trending Feature Changing?

Do the written descriptions for trending topics on Facebook ever seem uninteresting? The social media platform now has a new strategy with their updated and improved Trending feature. The Trending feature showed up in 2014, but is still not available to everyone. Because people who use the platform provided feedback that they wanted the feature, Facebook has sped up the process to push their development of the concept. Now Facebook is changing the Trending feature so the process can be more automated, and it can be available to more of the estimated 1.59 billion users around the world.

The Reason Why it was Created

The initial reason why the Trending feature was created, was so that people could see the most up to date information on certain topics. This gives users the opportunity to look at what might be going on in the world. The ability to see the news and what is popular at the time can help educate people on what is taking place in current events. Facebook can now be more active with news, especially for the 62% of adults who use social media as their news source.

The Intentions for the Feature

When thinking about the Trending feature on Facebook, a lot of the time you may overlook the inner working of the feature. The platform uses an algorithmic process, instead of writing everything by hand. The intentions behind the feature, are to allow the news and events that are Trending to stay incredibly up to date. Additionally, removing the short description does not leave the potential for bias towards topics.

The Changes Being Made

There are several changes that will begin to take place around the feature. With the Trending feature, it will give a simple version of the topic, and also show the amount of people who are currently talking about the subject. Originally, the Trending feature would show the entire story description. Now, in order to see the full description you will have to mouse over the topic. Once the topic is opened up, the news sources will populate.

The Content is Personalized

The content is now programmed to be personalized. This will be algorithmically determined based on popularity. When algorithms choose what pages the platform thinks you will like, it determines this based on previous pages that you have searched, or liked, as well as your location and who you have interacted with.

Quality Control

Although much of this is based on algorithms, the Trending feature has people behind it to ensure quality control. Facebook wants to ensure that trending topics are important topics and not miscellaneous hashtags or words.

Changes starting immediately

These changes will start to take effect immediately, and will gradually become more noticeable and available to more people. Facebook currently has their eyes and ears open for comments about their new social media strategy and is always looking for feedback on what people see in their new option.


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