Getting Verified on Twitter: A Step by Step Guide

When it comes to establishing a flawless saturated internet presence, one of the most coveted features on social media is achieving a verification logo on your profile. On Twitter, the blue ‘verified’ logo is an indication that an account, which may be of interest to the public, is authentic and is not a fan account, a copycat or a parody. As such, it is usually public figures and well-known brands who achieve verification. However, that does not mean you cannot earn one if your brand qualifies. Let’s take a step by step look at verifying your Twitter account and taking your flawless saturated internet presence to the next level.

1 – Complete the Verification Request Form

The first step in achieving Twitter Verification and a flawless saturated internet presence is completing the Twitter verification application form. Start by logging into the account in question and making sure the following details are complete:

  • A Verified Telephone Number – This links your online and offline identities and helps confirm your identity.
  • A Confirmed Email Address – The email address used for a company or brand account should be an official company email address, i.e., [email protected].
  • A Completed Bio – A good Twitter bio should accurately represent the brand and what it stands for, and is an important factor in building a flawless saturated internet presence.
  • A Profile Photo – Use the same profile image across all social media platforms and ensure it is a clear representation of the brand.
  • A Header Photo – For verification, a profile needs to be completed to the highest standard, including a header photo.
  • Birthday – This is only relevant for individuals, companies need not complete a birthdate, but public figures do.
  • Website – Twitter will look for a site as part of determining a legitimate business.
  • Tweets Set as Public – As a public figure or brand Tweets should be public – you cannot be found if they are private.

Once all parts of the profile are correctly completed, the verification form will ask for the username of the account. Be sure to check the box to indicate it is a business account if appropriate.

2 – Complete Any Missing Requirements

If you have missed any of the required information when optimizing the Twitter profile as outlined above, then you will be prompted to do so. If this is the case, then you will be informed the account is not eligible for review and will have another opportunity to do so. Of course, getting verified is not just about filling out the appropriate information. You can also take steps to improve the chances of getting verified. These will also go some way towards developing a flawless saturated internet presence even if you are not successful.

The account name, profile and header photo all need to adequately represent the public figure or organization the profile pertains to. Use the brand logo and other branding elements, such as color scheme and taglines, to properly represent the brand. The bio should also be optimized to specify the company mission or area of expertise.

It is also a good idea to ensure the account is active since Twitter tend only to award verification to accounts they feel are high-quality ones that people will find value in following. Look to verified accounts in the same industry and emulate what they are doing.

3 – Add Websites to Serve as References

Twitter will also request up to five websites to serve as references to help verify your brand’s identity. These should ideally be websites that are going to demonstrate your public influence. High traffic sites work well, as do news stories featuring your brand.

4 – Make a Case for Verification

The next step in the Twitter verification process is to make a case for why the account should be verified by Twitter. Use the 500-character limit wisely to show how you impact the public. Have you made waves in the industry? Do you have a unique vision? What exactly is it that you have to offer?

5 – Submit Your Verification Request

The final step after completing all of the necessary evidence is to send your verification request. Once the submission is sent, it is a waiting game to see if you have been approved. Whatever the outcome, Twitter will email the decision as soon as possible. If you are successful, the Twitter account @verified will follow you. If the request is denied it is possible to resubmit after 30 days for a new attempt. If you still do not succeed, don’t be disheartened – you have still polished that profile to perfection, giving your flawless saturated internet presence an edge.
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