Fantastic Tips Proven to Help Grow Your Social Media Presence

Working in Internet Strategy Consulting, we know how important it is to factor in the growth of your social media presence in your online marketing plan. Now, more than ever, your social media audience plays a huge part in the reach of your marketing, how far your business can grow and the customers you obtain. Here are some great tips that are proven to help you experience growth in your social media presence, increasing the reach of your marketing and getting you those all-important leads.

Use Every Network to The Full

By no means do you have to use every social network, but every network that you choose to use, make sure you’re using it fully. So post content and communicate with others. 

Post Often – But Keep It High Quality 

No one wants to see an endless stream of content that’s boring, not very well put together, and generally of a low quality. If you’re using Twitter, keep tweets witty, informative, and engaging. If you’re using Instagram, make sure photos are well lit, high quality, and cohesive. For Facebook, the most important thing is to keep things detailed, but keep them interesting, too. In short, make everything you post something you would want to read.

Be Present & Be Real 

Just because you’re focusing your Internet strategy on your social media growth does not mean you should forget to be human. Make sure you’re posting often, engaging, speaking to people, and replying to other content, but do it in a way that makes you seem genuinely interested and interesting. Simply posting the same “thank you” or “that’s great” over and over can get a little robotic and be off-putting for your audience, a sure-fire way to lose them as soon as you gain them.

Tell a Story 

If you’re focusing on the growth of your social media to sell your product, then tell its story. Tell your story! People like to get involved with things that they know the background of; why do you think product Kickstarter (and similar crowd-funding sites) funds are so successful? It’s because the story is being told, it’s engaging the audience and they’re absolutely buying into it.

When putting together your Internet strategy, make room for telling your story and letting people know who you are and what you’re about. Your social media audience will grow because of it.

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action 

So your Internet strategy has worked; you’ve seen the growth you wanted – now what do you do with it? This is especially important if you’ve been more successful at growing your audience on one platform over another. You can use this to inspire growth on other platforms through a call to action, and extend that to create success in your business.

For example, if your audience on Twitter is larger than your Facebook audience, and your overall goal is to obtain newsletter subscribers, your call to action should be broken into parts. Incite a call to action on Twitter for people to ‘like’ your Facebook page; then do the same on Facebook to subscribe to your newsletter.

Lo and behold, your internet strategy plan has worked, you’re applying one platform’s growth to another, and seeing benefits in your business! A call to action is also a great way to get an idea of your ROI, in that you can measure how many people are doing what’s asked of them in relation to the work/money you’ve put into the growth of your social media platforms.

To Your Best Online!

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