Facebook: A New Place To Fundraise

As marketers, we are familiar with how Facebook is widely used as an Online Marketing tool to fuel our social media following. However, not all pages and groups on social media platforms are in it for profit.

There are over 150 million people around the world connected to a cause and they use Facebook to come together as a global community comprising of volunteers, donors, and activists fighting for what they believe in.

Whenever there is something that humanity can lend a helping hand in, be it raising money for a disaster relief, aid in searching for missing persons, or other significant matters, these communities shine light on the issues and take action as one.

Facebook has decided to help by improving their “Donate” button to allow users to donate to charities without having to leave Facebook. This was done in the hopes of helping non-profits reach new supporters, engage their community and get the valuable funding needed. Facebook has also partnered with organizations to create donation campaigns after major natural disasters.

Fundraisers can be found on a nonprofit’s Page and can be used for a specific campaign, providing groups with a consistent place to collect funds. Nonprofits can tell their story, rally in supporters, collect donations and visibly track progress for regular drives, themed campaigns, and special projects.

Supporters can donate with just a few taps and share the news with their friends. All shared posts will also include a Donate button to make it easy for everyone else to join the fundraiser directly from the post.

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