Exciting Web Design Trends for 2020

With the number of websites on the internet increasing every single day, it can be challenging to make sure that yours stands out among all of that digital clutter! One of the key things you need is custom web design that not only looks fresh and exciting compared to other cookie-cutter style websites but also conveys the right message about you and your brand. If you are considering updating your website for the new year, you might want to consider some of the exciting custom web design trends that are going to be appearing more online in 2020.

White Space & Minimalist Web Design

Sometimes the most sophisticated web design is the most simple in terms of its aesthetics. There has been a growing popularity for websites that are stripped back to a minimalist look in recent months, and this is set to continue well into 2020. Some of the best examples of custom web design right now are those that make excellent use of white space, allowing the content to breathe and do most of the talking. When considering a minimalist look for your website, you will want to think of simple color palettes and balanced elements where no single part is overpowering the rest of the website.

When you choose a stripped back look for your custom web design, you also get the added benefit of a website that loads faster. This is especially important in today’s climate; then most people are browsing the internet on mobile devices and do not have the patience to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load.


Internet users are increasingly expecting a more personalized experience when surfing the internet, and this is certainly something that should be taken into consideration when choosing your new web design. Microinteractions are an excellent way of adding a human element to your web design, helping visitors to build a connection with your brand. Think of small interactive elements such as a status bar loading from 0% to 100% or a Call-to-Action button that changes color or gets larger on hover. These are excellent examples of micro-interactions that can be included on your website. It helps inject emotion and personality into your website and elevates the web design above the basic cookie-cutter templates we see everywhere online.

Oversized Font & Elements

Another web design trend that is going to be more prevalent in 2020 is the use of oversized fonts and elements. Internet users have incredibly short attention spans, and one of the most important thing about your website is that it can communicate with the audience clearly and instantly! Think about full-screen hero images or videos, big, bold typography, and oversized call-to-action buttons. These are all great ways to not only attract attention but to offer instruction on what you want the visitor to do. This is a design trend that can mesh well with the white space, minimalist design trend too. Try a basic monochrome color palette with clean lines and bold typography for a fresh and exciting take on web design for the new year.

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