Evolution of Search Engine

Once upon a time there was a basic #SearchEngine named Google. We all know about Google and have used it for looking up any and every bit of information we need on a daily basis. It is the most used #SearchEngine keeping in mind the changes Google have made to its methodology and the evaluation of its search rankings. Google makes more than 500 changes in a year’s time which can be a little overwhelming for most of us who rarely notice the improvements they are constantly making.

The evolution of the search engine in the past decade and the hint of what’s coming next are interesting in terms of the benefits Google users are reaping on a daily basis.

Google has transformed its search engine into a broader more elaborate way of providing any information that the user needs. It processes information before you even finish typing the question. Just type in a few words and there you have a ton of information displayed right in front of your eyes. Be it images, news, videos or any other form of information that you might be looking for.

The information that Google provides to its users, both seamlessly and in the fastest way possible, clearly portrays their goal. This means that the users don’t have to know about the latest features to still take advantage of them. By simply typing in the search box and getting results based on what they are looking for, they are automatically accessing these enhanced features.

Let’s get to know how Google has evolved from being just a basic search engine to being the dynamic search tool that it is today.

  • Universal results: Universal search results that help yield information such as images, videos, news, and web pages helps you find different forms of information in one place. They have continued development by making it more comprehensive, such as helping users find books, maps, products, places and patents.
  • Quick Answers: As the technology has grown, Google has become more than a basic search engine by providing quick answers right at the top of the page. Instead of just providing links to the information you need you can now look for quick answers to scores, the meaning of words, flight times and other information displayed right in front of you without having to click on any link. Google is striving to provide answers to the difficult questions of its users.
  • Future of search: Google is much faster and helps users save time. Whether it’s helping you save valuable seconds by Google instant or Voice search on your mobile device. The search is now even faster and more categorized in terms of how it appears on your timeline. The future of the search engine looks bright, especially with the consideration of the rapid changes Google is bringing about every year. It’s not surprising to think that searching will be just as easy as thinking and will become even more refined and revolutionized in next 5 years.

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