Creating Mobile-Friendly Websites for a Flawless Saturated Internet Presence!

Establishing a flawless saturated internet presence is just as important as delivering quality products and services to your target audience. As a part of your powerful online marketing plan, it is important to reach out to the right people by being seen — mobile or not.  

Google’s major update has been launched a month ago and is now rolling out to help improve the searcher experience. The said changes now consider a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. That said, websites that are mobile-friendly are ushered up the search engine results while those that are not will be lost in the midst of thousands of page results. This update will largely benefit searchers so they can steer clear of web pages that do not give them a friendly mobile experience.

The new ranking algorithm is said to be bigger than Panda and Penguin which is actually saying something! This could be a major wake-up call for businesses out there to start stepping up the game. Implemented on a page-by-page basis, this will only concern mobile search results. This huge change is quite straightforward. Your website is ranked on an either-or basis. This means that you are either mobile-friendly or not — as simple as that.  There is no such thing as slightly mobile-friendly or extremely mobile-friendly. To know if your site is in the clear, you can try looking it up using a mobile device. A grey-colored “mobile-friendly” label can be found in the description snippet if you pass the qualification. Additionally, Google is kind enough to provide a testing tool to verify if your page has a mobile-friendly design. This test will also give away the necessary issues that you need to address to benefit from this update.

If you think you are at the losing end and that you are lagging behind, it is never too late to start improving your mobile presence. Good thing Google has tipped us off about what needs to be addressed for the update. Read it in full details HERE to help avoid the common mistakes of making your website mobile unfriendly. Aside from that, Blue Dress, your friendly Internet Strategy Consultant, has also gathered a list of common issues that you can consider as a part of your online marketing plan. This will help you make or break your website’s mobile-friendliness status.


This is quite a no-brainer. Using a font size that is too small to read will ultimately raise red flags on your design. 16 CSS pixels is the recommended font size to use. Consider also the vertical spacing of the characters to avoid cramping the text together. As much as possible, avoid using as many varying fonts on a certain page.


Have you noticed pages that have links too close together that you oftentimes tend to click on the wrong one? That can be certainly annoying! Considering that most mobile devices only have a small screen space to hover around, it is important to provide ample space between tap targets which should be at least 48 CSS pixels in size. A distance of 32 CSS pixels should be allotted as spacing (vertical/horizontal) between tap targets.


Another important issue to consider is the viewport width relative to your page. It is most convenient that users only scroll vertically when mobile searching. There are some websites that force users to scroll horizontally which can be inconvenient. When the size of your page is not compatible with the specific viewport of a particular device, chances are users will be forced to scroll horizontally to get a full view of the page. Viewport should be properly configured to provide a mobile-friendly experience to the users regardless of the device used.
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