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Nothing grabs the attention of your readers like great content! When looking to create a powerful online marketing plan, one of the most critical factors is creating great content, and that means you need a talented copywriter. Great content compels the reader, or listener, to take action. It touches them on such a level they need to learn more about your brand, product or service. Achieving this type of reaction to your content is a sure sign of a powerful online marketing plan.

Attributes of Great Content

If you are working towards creating a powerful online marketing plan here are a few of the key elements of great content.

  • Try an Unexpected Approach – There is more than one way in which to approach different topics and business. An excellent copywriter will understand that to grab a reader’s attention they need to look at the different angles in which a subject can be viewed. The copywriter then finds a way to create an emotional response or gut reaction. By choosing an unusual and unexpected approach you can encourage readers to delve a little deeper.
  • Powerful Ledes – This is a basic concept that sometimes gets forgotten when it comes to creating content. Content should start with a single sentence that instantaneously grabs the attention of the reader. A lead sentence that causes the reader to explore more is essential for a powerful online marketing plan. When producing content, it is important to create something that inspires the reader to want to read further, if they choose to skip over the content, the copywriter has failed.
  • Listen to the Target Audience – When writing content, it is easy to go with the expected, generic or basic expectations of what a business offers. The most inspired copywriters will listen to the needs, wants, and desires of their target audience, or market and focus on those aspects of the business. The best way to get content that makes a connection to your target audience is to listen to what they have to say.
  • Make a Connection – One of the most important things a copywriter can do for a powerful online marketing plan is make a connection between the product and the consumer. If for example, you are trying to sell wine glasses and bottles of wine it would be easy to take the approach that a glass of wine is a great way to end the day. Although that might be true, a copywriter could choose to create content that explores wine as a great compliment to an elegant dinner. The readers won’t see the wine as just a beverage but as one that inspires relaxation, peace, and maybe even romance. It’s all about how you approach the topic. If you can help the reader to feel a connection to the product, then the content has done its job!
  • Create Direct Content – It is so easy to fall into the use of hyperbole and jargon. The best content creators will opt to explain things directly, avoiding hyperbole and jargon. Speak to readers on a human level, not in flowery or excessively detailed verbiage.

Above all else, keep in mind that the very best content written with the target audience in mind. It avoids unnecessary words and paints a visual that makes a connection to the reader.

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