Creating a Call-To-Action: 7 Tips on converting website and social media visitors

Establishing a strong online presence on your Websites and Social Media Sites can only get you so far. Once you catch a prospective customer’s attention, you have to reel them in and convince them to take action. One major factor in boosting your Online Marketing is coming up with an enticing call-to-action to increase conversion rates, boost click-through rates, and improve sales.

So how do you know you’re creating the right CTA for your online marketing? Here are 7 tips:

1. Be Specific

Think of CTAs as guidelines for your visitors – these will lead them to where you want them to go. The most effective CTAs tell the customer what exactly it is they have to do and how to go about it. Never assume that your viewers know what to do on your website or social media pages.

2. Make The Benefits Clear

Yes, the CTA should inform them on what to do next but the copy shouldn’t focus on that. Emphasize more on what your customers can get out of taking action. They are more likely to feel convinced if your CTA was structured similar to “Get (benefit) when you (action needed)” as compared to starting it with “Order (product) today!”

3. Use the First Person

The first person is always more effective than second or third when trying to sound convincing. Why? People like to feel like a company is speaking directly to them, personalizing the conversation – even if it is through a website or social media page.

Structure your CTA more like “Start my free trial now!” instead of “Start your free trial now!” and your online marketing will do great!

4. Make It Time Sensitive

A time sensitive CTA may sound a little risky to your online marketing plan but it can give prospects that little extra push they need to go for it. When a person feels a sense of urgency, he/she is more likely to take action quickly without giving it much thought.

You can achieve this by adding something like “while supplies last” or “limited slots” to the end of your CTA. You may also add time-related words such as “instant”, “hurry”, or “now” to impose a time limit.

5. Reduce Risks

Coincidentally, the last tip sounded a little risky for your online marketing but it’s well worth a shot, trust us! When it comes to offline and online marketing, be sure to make your market feel comfortable with you.  Focus on diminishing any risks for your customers because by doing so, you lessen consumer anxiety.

The hesitation to enter personal information or commit to signing up for something, especially online, is understandable. Assure your website and social media page visitors that there are no hidden risks or negative outcomes so they will feel more confident in taking action.

6. Use Time To Measure Distance

Instead of using the usual miles or kilometers to describe distance, use estimated time. Studies have shown that measuring travel time instead of distance convert 200-300% better.

7. Use the Right Colors

It is an age-old marketing practice to associate one’s mood with colors. This is why how you present your CTA both grammatically and visually is a big factor in converting your website and social media visitors. Ideally, use a bright color that is not too straining on the eye to catch attention. The high degree of contrast to the rest of your page will divert their eyes to where you want them to look.

That’s it for now! Try out any or all of these tips and see how your online marketing conversation rates shoot up!

To Your Best Online!

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