Common SEO Myths It’s Time to Bust!

When it comes to SEO there is so much conflicting information out there that it can be tough to know what advice to follow. Choosing incorrectly could have a detrimental effect on your internet marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve picked out some of the most prevalent SEO myths that it is time to bust once and for all so you won’t fall foul of them.

1 – You Need to Publish Lots of Content for Higher SERP Rankings

The truth is, when it comes to content marketing it is quality that matters far more than quantity. It is much more beneficial to an internet marketing strategy to spend a little extra time to really polish a handful of pieces of content to perfection than it is to churn out lots of lower quality pieces. The Google algorithm will prioritize content that is most valuable to searchers. They want to deliver the most relevant content in their search results. The average first-page search result contains just short of 2000 words and several shorter, less in-depth pieces of content will likely be pushed down the results page in favor of the longer, more comprehensive one. Do your internet marketing strategy a favour and work on improving the quality and relevancy of the content you publish.

2 – Lots of Backlinks Equals a Higher Ranking

Another common SEO myth that many marketers are still applying to their internet marketing strategy is that you need lots of backlinks if you want a higher ranking. However, once again the focus is on quality over quantity. One good quality link from a high traffic, relevant site is worth hundreds of low-quality links from obscure sites. In fact, too many low-quality backlinks can damage a site’s link profile which will have a negative impact on your entire internet marketing strategy.

3 – Image Optimization is Not Important

Some people believe that optimizing images is not important in terms of SEO, but the opposite is true. Any image that is embedded onto a webpage should have an alt tag attached to it. Alt tags are what search engines read because they are not able to see images. Use relevant keywords as alt tags to boost your internet strategy.

4 – Having a Secure Website is Not Important

There was a time when having a SSL certificate for your website was more or less optional. However, you have probably noticed lately more and more sites are secured. This is down the fact that as of September 2016 Google began flagging unsecured sites as unsafe in their Chrome browser.  This encouraged users to navigate away from unsecured sites thus causing them to have an increased bounce rate.  It should be a standard step in any internet marketing strategy to make sure the website is secured. An SSL certificate is easily to obtain, and it is relatively inexpensive.

If you are still using these outdated SEO techniques, then you may be damaging your internet marketing strategy. Let go of these myths, and you may find your rankings begin to improve.

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