Code With Google Breeds a New Generation of Internet Strategists

We live in a truly digital age, and it has become increasingly more apparent that school children are going to need enhanced computer skills in their futures! However, some grade school teachers have found that many of their students just don’t have regular access to a computer at home. So, that raises the question – where will our next generation of internet strategists and web developers come from? This is where Google’s CS First and Code with Google programs come into play!

Let’s explore in more depth.

What is Code With Google?

Code with Google is a new computer science resource for educators. It is designed to bring together a range of free curriculum resources and programs to help students to learn coding skills from beginners through to more advanced computer sciences students! It is easily integrated into the classroom allowing teachers to create the ideal breeding ground for our next generation of internet strategists and web designers!

Why Is Computer Science Important in Schools?

Some people may have a bit of an old-fashioned view of what is essential in terms of school curriculums. Many feel like mathematics and English are more important than playing around on computers! However, as we move towards a much more digital society, knowing your way around a computer is far more important than it once was! A recent study suggested that 67 percent of teachers feel that computer sciences are equally important as other more ‘traditional’ subjects! Despite this, many schools do not offer comprehensive computer sciences programs that include coding and programming. This puts any children considering a career as internet strategists and other web-based jobs at something of a disadvantage.

The thing that is important to remember about computer sciences is that it goes beyond just learning to work with computers. Teachers say that they also see benefits in terms of teaching their students problem solving, troubleshooting, and even teamwork!

Taking it to the Next Level

Google is passionate about opening up opportunities for the next generation of internet strategists and web coders. In addition to the CS First and Code with Google, they have also committed to a $1 million grant for the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) to support their mission of developing computer sciences education across the United States. Making Code with Google widely available to educators is helping to close up gaps in computer sciences education opportunities in communities where tools and resources. This has contributed to making computer sciences more accessible to anyone with dreams of becoming internet strategists, web developers, and coders in the future.

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