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An effective presence on social media requires a multitude of different elements. A key element to a successful social media campaign that often gets overlooked is personality. All too often the approach that many companies take on social media gives the impression of a cold-faced business and lacks a human feel. Social media provides the opportunity to interact and connect with your customers like never before. If done right this can greatly enhance your retention and customer loyalty, but if it’s done wrong it can alienate your customer base. This applies to Twitter specifically. Both the nature of the interactions and the strong presence of celebrities and influencers on the platform support the importance of having a personality aspect to your brand. We’ve put together 6 concepts that are frequently used by influencers on Twitter in order help you boost your brand’s appeal.

Concept 1: Be Intimate

People with large followings tend to communicate in a way that makes you feel as if they were only talking to you. It’s the difference between reading a billboard and receiving a personal letter. While a one-on-one approach may be easier for an individual to achieve, it doesn’t mean that companies can’t approach the same kind of impact on social media. The key for companies is to remember to showcase the human side of their business. Whether it is a behind-the-scenes piece, or highlighting an individual team member, being real and raw is important for connection. 

Concept 2: Exclusivity

Everyone likes to have exclusive access. Giving your social media followers the opportunity to know that they saw something first or that it was for their eyes only, is a great way to reward your fans. One key to achieving this aspect is to make sure that the content has specific “exclusive” parameters. This can be achieved by limiting the content to only one platform, or by rewarding people who reply or comment by sending them a special link. 

Concept 3: Limited

Sharing content that has restrictions is a great way to boost engagement. Whether the content is intended to stay on social media or if you are using a social media platform to gain attention for your limited content, creating lack always drives engagement. This can be achieved by setting a specific deadline or limiting the number of people that will receive access. Additionally, you can reuse the limited content. You will want to put space in between doing this, but by offering access to the same limited content at a later date you can catch people who missed out the first time. Some types of content that work well for this model are sales, discounts, webinars, or Q&A sessions.

Concept 4: Be Effortless

We see influencers on social media who constantly have the best commentary. Whether it is based on current events, company actions, or just social perspective, some of these influencers seem to always have the best things to say that represent common thought perfectly. This is a little easier for individuals because they are not always at risk of alienating their followers. By the time they have built up a big enough following their audience knows where they stand on certain subjects and the recourse to being heavily opinionated is diminished. For brands, this is a little harder to achieve because it is likely that they have customers on both sides of the aisle. With that in mind, be sure to choose carefully what you post about using this tactic. This effortless human touch is achieved by being playfully opinionated, throwing a jab at your competition, or by capturing the emotion of a moment in social commentary. Two things to remember are to not be too calculated and stay away from being ugly.

Concept 5: Context

Twitter has become the go-to social media platform for breaking news. Influencers are quick to respond to events and are well versed at framing a comparative context around the breaking event that provides their followers with something valuable to take away. For companies, this changes slightly. Individuals are free to cater to their follower’s perspective biases, but for a brand, the facts must be foundational. Share well-informed, educational pieces that fit the context of right now and the larger picture simultaneously. This will take time and sufficient fact-checking, but it can build up the reputation of being the authority in your field.

Concept 6: Humor

You will catch more flies with honey than oil, and you will catch more followers with humor. Social media influencers that capitalize on humor gain big followings because they are good at it. Yes, that sounds like a dumb statement, but how many other people are out there trying to gain similar following but fail simply because they’re not funny. As a company, you might not have the talent onboard to be able to come up with original humorous content, but that’s okay, you can always curate. By curating content you have a chance to gain extra followers from the social media account that originated the content, and you have a better chance of sharing content that your followers will actually enjoy. 

Be Personal

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the tactics mentioned in this article in order to find out what works best for your brand. Social media has changed the game, and for those willing to learn and adapt it means there is a great opportunity. More than ever before people want to feel a connection with the brands the purchase from. By focusing on cultivating a human element in your social media accounts you will capture more followers and build stronger connections with them.

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