6 Ways to Effortlessly Drive More Blog Readers with Visuals

Who doesn’t want to drive more traffic towards their blog? It takes a lot of effort to write an amazing piece and still where are your viewers?

Creating the right kind of content that actually gives your audience something of value (whether it be funny, as a resource, or how to, etc) will attract the right people. You probably already know visual content catches more attention and encourages readers to take action.

Did you know?? 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.

With just a little effort in creating the right kind of content with the right image will do the trick. Your readers will be attracted to it and will find value. In return, they will love it, share it, and promote it. This, in turn, will get you more followers and more eyeballs.

Let’s take a look at the ways you can make this happen:

1 – Pin a Tweet on Your Twitter Profile

Most of the time people write a blog and share it directly on their profile. Sharing your recent blog link on social media is mandatory and obviously fruitful but make sure to not just share the generic post that is generated via WordPress/Blogspot plugins. Make some time to personalize it. You may even want to pin that post for some time on your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Older posts shared always move down on your newsfeed when new posts are published. Pinning post ensures that it remains on the top for your readers to know about your newest blog article!

2 – Select the right image for the pinned post

Now that you have written your blog, and it’s time to pin it to your social media platforms, Pinterest let’s select the right image. A landscape image is perfect for Twitter and Facebook but, what about Pinterest?

There are a lot of Pinterest users that might be reading your blog. In order for them to share your blog, you will need an image inside of your blog that is appropriate for Pinterest. That means that the size should match that of Pinterest and they should be able to pin it in order for your blog to be shared and re-shared over and over again.

Check out this Pinterest Size Cheat Sheet

3 – Do a Short Video or Facebook Live

Since Facebook has introduced Live videos and YouTube has launched 360 videos. Making a video and sharing it for impactful interaction and engagement is even easier. YouTube 360 is cool by the way!

Share the video of your workplace or products that you write about. Make a video about some tips and tricks that you have mentioned in your previous blog and share a link to that post redirecting them back to your blog/website.

It doesn’t have to be a long professional video. It can be short and a raw uncut video straight from your mobile. You can even go live on Facebook and interact with your audience and connect with them in a different light.

Check Out Facebook Live Here

The best part about Facebook Live is that the video is saved to your business or personal page and you can watch it later as many times as you want.

4 – Optimize Your Blog Image for Facebook

If you have set up and used the right size of an image on your blog then chances are people will share more. Visual content is extremely powerful and we all know images say a thousand words! Make those “thousand words” count and be relatable and a winner in your audience’s mind.

Facebook pulls an image from the link you share on your page which needs to be of decent size. If you have the same size of an image on your blog then Facebook will pull up that image crisper, better, and ultimately do the end goal – grab more attention!

Did you know? 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text!

5 – Create an Instagram-Ready Image

Always create an extra image that can be shared on Instagram along with sharing it on your blog. When you are posting your link on social media make sure you share the same post on Instagram. The specific image created especially for Instagram will help you to avoid re-sizing it later.

There are a number of helpful tools over the internet to help resize the image in a matter of seconds. This little extra step is worth the effort. That being said, one should never share just the image and blog link on Instagram, instead, add a little value to your post. Add a few details and sneak peek of what your users will find in your post and how will it help them.

6 – Set up Twitter Cards

Use Twitter cards for better engagement.

If you are looking to get more traffic and capture genuine reader’s attention set up Twitter Cards to guarantee the right image is pulled up when someone shares your tweet. If the right information is pulled up it will get more attention.

Time to Getting Busy!

It’s time to get to work. Use the tips above, share your content to gain more blog traffic. It’s time to make your social status visually appealing and attractive!

To Your Best Online!

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